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21 RomCom Manhwa recommendations you need to read

Sometimes you don’t want to read angsty stuff full of drama and tragic backstories – life is tragic enough. If you want to forget your worries and read some Romance Manhwa with lots of comedy you have come to the right place. My 35 recommendations are based on my personal preference, but to make it more objective there’s also the RomCom-Level to help you find the best Romance Comedy for your taste.

  • RomCom-Level 10 is an absolute chaotic mess and meme-worthy panels in almost every chapter – but still readable of course
  • RomCom-Level 5 is an overall funny story that still has some serious chapters.
  • RomCom-Level 1 has some funny chapters but also contains drama and heavy topics.

1. Turning the Mad Dog into a genteel lord

Summary: Diarin, a priestess with no significant family ties or connections, often ends up with the hardest tasks. When her superior assigns her to assist Ceres, a war hero, in adjusting back to civilian life, she resolves to stop being taken advantage of and to leverage the opportunity for a substantial promotion. However, upon arriving at Ceres’ estate, she is met not by a man, but by a fierce hound. Faced with the daunting challenge of transforming this wild beast into a refined gentleman, Diarin commits herself fully to the task.

  • RomCom-Level 9: If this one won’t make you laugh, I don’t know which Manhwa will. There are many meme-worthy panels but it is still an engaging story. The chaos doesn’t diminish the enjoyment – that’s what makes this the best new RomCom to read.

Read it if you:

  • Don’t mind when the male lead literally behaves like a wild beast: he doesn’t talk much, jumps out of windows, growls, kills people, and so on. It’s the typical “taming XYZ” trope.
  • Love to read a historical Romance Manhwa with natural interactions. They touch pretty frequently, which is rare in a royal setting.
  • Like soothing your eyes after a stressful day, because the art is gorgeous.

2. The Crown Princess Scandal

Historical Romance Manhwa: The Crown Princess Scandal
ⓒ NAVER WEBTOON Ltd. /Jeonghyeon/ KITROW

Summary: Tricked by her sister, Hwa-yeong finds herself in the crown princess selection at the imperial palace, with a six-month stay ahead. Desperate to leave, she attempts to get disqualified by behaving improperly, only to unexpectedly gain royal favor. Constant encounters with Crown Prince Shin-yeong intensify the situation, as he vows to ensure she stays. Hwa-yeong now faces a challenge: can she navigate these complications and return home before six months’ end?

  • RomCom-Level 6: Our FL is hilarious – especially her relationship with her brothers and the crown prince. (but beware some flashbacks could potentially break your heart)

Check it out if you:

  • like a “hate-to-love”-dynamic
  • love it when the relationship feels very natural and the male lead isn’t the perfect fairytale guy. Quite the opposite actually in the eyes of the female lead.
  • don’t mind when the male lead is a prince – which caters to the stereotypical female fantasy. BUT, he is not “princely” at all.

3. I Think I’ve been Possessed somewhere

ⓒGonghyo, GB, Dalbicho / Yeondam

Summary: Transmigration sounds simple. First, determine the novel’s setting. Next, skillfully manage the intricate political dynamics and captivate your male lead. Finally, secure your happy ending. At least, that’s the ideal scenario. But for Elena Sevess, a passionate reader, even the first step is a hurdle! If Elena can’t decipher the plot, she’s facing big problems… or perhaps it’s the world that should worry about her presence?

  • RomCom-Level 7: It’s pretty chaotic in the beginning but also walks the reader through very many clichés of the Isekai Romance genre, which is hilarious. The story starts getting less chaotic afterward but it’s still pretty fun. Especially the teasing between the leads.

Check this Manhwa out if you:

  • Don’t mind when the story lacks a clear goal or direction
  • Like it when the romance gradually grows. Their dynamic is great and there is friendship before romance.
  • Love it when the ML falls first and don’t mind when FL blocks all advances (because of the flimsy argument – “no, he doesn’t mean it that way”)

4. Romance 101


Summary: This story revolves around Bareum and her life at university. Sounds boring? Far from it. Romance 101 is a great and fun read where the main couple initially has some disagreements but gradually gets together. It is fun, there’s no dragged-out drama and the relationships feel real. Also: the male lead is the greenest flag on this planet. The art and color palette are really unique, so that’s a rare treat too. Just go read it.

  • RomCom-Level 7: The humor is not too “in-your-face” but always there. That’s what makes Romance 101 a very fun read from start to finish.

You should check it out if you:

  • Don’t mind when the girl has a crush on another guy at first
  • Like reading a fun story with very little drama and many lovable characters
  • Love it when the main couple starts on the wrong foot

5. I stan the prince

Summary: Angela is a huge fan of Prince Rayburn – she even wrote fanfic for him. To her surprise, her cringy fanfic got published behind her back and became a huge success. When the imperial family notices the fanfic they are searching for the author and want her head for treason. Rayburn’s sister Hoya takes her in to protect her and in exchange, she has to write a sequel of her novel in secret to improve Rayburn’s reputation. To inspire her she spends more time with Rayburn. The story is intriguing. It’s not the typical Isekai, gorgeous duke storyline – she didn’t go back in time and she didn’t reincarnate. This one was back after a long hiatus aaaand went back to hiatus again…

  • RomCom-Level 6: Especially the Fl in “I stan the prince” is amazing. Her fun and chaotic energy is contagious. The background characters are also part of the amazing humor.

You should read if you:

  • Like it when you aren’t quite sure who the villain is supposed to be in the story
  • Want to read a story with a very quirky and hilarious female lead
  • Love reading a historical Romance Manhwa with beautiful art – just look at the picture

6. The Villainess Flips the Script

© Garine, KEN / yeondam

Summary: The female lead reincarnated into her favorite revenge novel “The owner of the winter forest” as the villainous aunt Eudith, who has to care for the novel’s male lead Luka. After she woke up she started treating Luka well and he started getting attached to her. When his uncle Rudiger shows up to take him away, Luka refuses to part with Eudith – and so the original story has changed and she moves to Winterwald.

  • RomCom-Level 6: Some chapters are a 10 while some are a 1. The main characters aren’t particularly fun, but their reactions and clumsiness make it so lovable.

You should check it out if you:

  • Like reading a story with great dialogue
  • Love it when the female lead uses her brain
  • Don’t mind when the MCs don’t talk about their feelings and are being separated after finally confessing

7. Iseop’s Romance

ⓒ NAVER WEBTOON Ltd./248/ Anna Kim

Summary: Mingyeong Kang, with her remarkable business savvy, quickly rose to become a senior manager at Korea’s top conglomerate, TK Group. Now, after 10 years, she faces a new challenge as the secretary to Iseop Tae, the company’s heir. Their history goes back to their first days at the company, where Mingyeong outshone Iseop, sparking a rivalry. Despite her overshadowing him professionally and hurting his pride, Iseop finds himself inexplicably drawn to Mingyeong.

RomCom-Level 6: Iseop is the first approachable CEO I have come across that is depicted as less than perfect. The humor is subtle but still has some “laughing out loud moments”. Mingyeong – although being pretty “by-the-book”- has funny moments too.

Check it out if you:

  • Like reading a Romance Manhwa from a male leads perspective – although the author switches to the FLs perspective sometimes.
  • If you like a secretary–boss relationship
  • Love reading about an approachable CEO for a change – he is childish, pushy, and indecisive

8. I became the Tyrant’s Dishonest Adviser

(c) Tappytoon/hingdoon/Hae Arim

Summary: A customer service employee is unexpectedly transmigrated into the body of Duchess Erina Valois, a side character in a novel who is fated to die at the hands of the tyrannical Emperor Cardan Zeon. To survive, Erina must navigate her new reality and get her act together quickly. As she adapts to her role as the emperor’s adviser, she realizes there may be more to their relationship than what was initially described in the novel.

  • RomCom-Level 5: Erina’s blunt and unconventional advice often clashes with the expectations – or every other character in the room – which often creates absurd moments.

Check it out if you:

  • Don’t mind when the main characters don’t communicate openly.
  • Like reading a Romance Comedy where the dynamic between the main couple is pretty complicated – even for the reader. The real intentions behind their actions get clearer later in the story.
  • Like having a different character design for a change: The Fl  – although she has silver hair – has a monocle and often wears pants.

9. The Daughter of Duke doesn’t want to be spoiled


Summary: The spoiled daughter of a duke, accustomed to luxury, is suddenly plunged into political chaos and sent to the border with a mercenary group. Stripped of her comforts and confronted by a strict captain, she must quickly adapt to survive.

RomCom-Level 7: Although this Manhua (yes, it’s not a Manhwa) is probably the most wholesome Comic you’ll read in a while it’s still very chaotic and fun. FL doesn’t talk and gets adopted instantly by the mercenaries.

Check it out if you:

  • Love when an Fl is completely helpless and tries to find her way in the world
  • Like when the ML falls first
  • Love reading a story where almost all the characters are likable – even the supposed love rival

10. Maybe meant to be

ⓒ NAVER WEBTOON Ltd./honeyskein/damcho

Summary: Jia Han, a 32-year-old freelancer struggling to find work, is fed up with her parents constantly urging her to get married and move out. When she bumps into her childhood friend Mincheol Jin, who is also under similar pressure from his parents, she impulsively suggests that they should marry to solve both their problems. To her surprise, he agrees, and she suddenly finds herself navigating an unexpected marriage.

  • RomCom-Level 6: Maybe meant to be has fun and pretty unique main characters. The story can be pretty chaotic but it’s a nice pick-me-up. And the art is gorgeous.

You should check it out if you:

  • Don’t mind when the FL isn’t completely honest and plays games to bring the ml out of his shell.
  • Like reading a Romance Manhwa with absolutely gorgeous art.
  • Love the “contract marriage” trope.

11. Shall we Bathe, Your Grace?

© MANTA/nokan

Summary: Marry me, and we can bathe twice a day! Nadia is horrified to wake up in a romance fantasy novel where personal hygiene is neglected. Surrounded by unwashed hair, dirty fingernails, and the unbearable stench of body odor mixed with perfume, her only hope for cleanliness lies with Duke Cartane, the one man who remains fresh. Can he help her achieve her squeaky-clean happy ending?

  • Romcom-Level 8: I have read more than 800 Comics – especially historical Romance Manwha are my jam – and I always thought: They must reek. Well, this Manhwa addresses exactly that – and it’s hilarious. The Comedy-Level declines after the first 15 chapters or so but it is still pretty fun.

Check it out if you:

  • Want to read a unique story with lovable characters
  • Like it when the dynamic between the leads is off the charts
  • Don’t mind having to turn your brain off a bit – some plot points are too easily resolved

12. I Will Become the Villain’s Poison Taster

ⓒ PilYoo, jagalchikon, TANDAN, Nemoraming / C&C Revolution Inc.

Summary: After a fatal car crash our protagonist is reborn as Giselle Rozevin, a notorious antagonist destined to be poisoned in prison while on death row. Surprisingly, numerous attempts to poison her are unsuccessful. Strangely enough, Giselle finds that the poisons she consumes are unexpectedly delicious. Can Giselle use this unique tolerance to poison to her advantage in navigating her challenging new life?

RomCom-Level 6: The bickering between the main couple is extremely fun to read. Giselle’s chaotic energy is infectious.

Check this Magic Romance Manhwa out if you:

  • Don’t mind when the female lead is extremely clumsy and helpless sometimes – but still kind and hilarious
  • Love it when the main couple tease each other constantly – their dynamic feels natural and is fun to read.
  • Like it when there is no love triangle.

13. Little Rabbit and the Big Bad Leopard

ⓒ Sadam, Yasik 2021 / ATRI

Summary: Vivi, a wererabbit who is unable to transform into a human, is considered cursed and is exiled. Her fate takes a turn when Ahin from the Black Leopard Clan rescues her. Despite his threats and commands, Vivi tries to survive in a world of carnivores while stuck in her rabbit form. Surrounded by danger and strong pheromones, she must figure out how to transform and unlock her hidden powers to navigate the chaos around her.

RomCom-Level 6: This Manhwa has very many funny moments – especially how all the characters fight for Vivi’s affection. But it only gets a Comedy Level of 6 because there are many serious moments too – and it also tries to get political.

Check it out if you:

  • Don’t mind a rocky start between the main couple
  • Don’t mind a very persistent second ML (with whom she has authentic moments too)
  • Like a story with an obsessive ML

14. For better or for worse

Summary: The female lead reincarnated as Lady Dillion, the villain of a novel (although she doesn’t really do much). In the original plot, her sister dies after marrying Marquess Cedric, that’s why she doesn’t like him. In order to protect her sister, she just marries him herself – although she knows he is meant to fall in love with the female lead of the original story. I love the dynamic of the Mcs. This one is also one of the best completed Romance Manhwa you can read.

  • RomCom-Level 5: It has a good balance of fun chaos and Romance where you feel all the feels.

You should read this RomCom if you:

  • Love it when the MCs bicker and tease each other a lot
  • Like it when the characters have pretty surprising character traits (the stepmother, the sister, and so on)
  • Love reading a story where love develops from animosity

15. Not-Sew-Wicked Stepmom

ⓒ Mo9Rang, Iru 2021 / A.TEMPO MEDIA

Summary: This Manhwa tells the story of Snow White in a completely different and unique way. Some elements are the same: the evil stepmother (Abigail), the abused daughter (Blanche), and the mirror on the wall. However many things are different: after reincarnating Abigail doesn’t want to keep being the evil stepmother. She is still completely obsessed with Blanche, but only because of her cuteness. She calls out everyone in the castle who mistreats her – including her father. Blanche and even the King slowly start to open up to her.

RomCom-Level 4: Although this Romance Manhwa has many funny moments – especially in the beginning, it also covers very serious topics like sexual abuse. So it’s not always a pick-me-up.

You should check it out if you:

  • Like reading a Manhwa with great art – I especially love how the expressions are drawn
  • Love it when the villainess does a full 180 – but only for one character (Blanche)
  • Like it when the male lead is pretty cold but slowly changes for the better

16. No office Romance

ⓒ NAVER WEBTOON Ltd./Doboo/Namsoo

Summary: Yunji and Saebom’s first love was left unfinished, abruptly halted by a decade of separation. Now, as adults, they appear to have moved on and agree to remain friends and coworkers. However, beneath the surface, unspoken tension persists between them. Will they just stay friends, or does fate have different plans for their future?

  • Romcom-Level 6: This is from the same author as Romance 101 so you know the humor is top tier. And the story has a nice flow.

You should read if you:

  • Don’t mind a love triangle where the communication feels like they are all six years old
  • Like the childhood friends to lovers trope
  • Love reading a story with very good humor and funny scenes while still having a coherent plotline

17. How to survive as a Maid in a Horror Game


Summary: “Pflatzgraff Manor’s Killer,” the latest horror creation by A-coms, boasts impressive graphics but has gained notoriety among its gaming community for its high difficulty level. Players step into the shoes of Adrian, a charming individual who embodies the devil reborn. The game’s central mission is to execute numerous killings, a task compelled by the infamous Lilith’s Curse. Following an exhaustive gaming marathon, you unexpectedly find yourself in the role of Hilda, a maid serving Adrian, transitioning from player to character in the game’s universe.

  • RomCom-Level 5: Despite the dark setting and Yandere ML this Manhwa still manages to have some Comedy gold. The ways the female lead tries to survive are hilarious.

Check it out if you:

  • Don’t mind murder and blood – obviously
  • Love that the narrative is actually pretty funny despite the theme
  • Like to escape the Otome-Isekai loop – but don’t want to stray too far

18. Villain with a crush

Summary: Rejected by her first crush after three years, Rosa Park finds herself falling for Doryeong Han, the nation’s beloved Superpowered Police Officer, when he rescues her from a collapsing building. Years later, a villain known as Blackdog emerges, but Doryeong senses something unusual about him. Can the world’s most notorious villain capture the heart of the country’s strongest hero?

RomCom-Level 8: Villain with a crush is very chaotic but in an extremely fun way. Rosa is the villain of the story – solely because she is extremely clumsy and doesn’t talk. But the real stars of the show are her grandma and the many fun side characters.

Read this if you:

  • Don’t mind when the whole story is based on a misunderstanding: The “hero” is trying to capture our FL (the villain) while being friends in real life.
  • Don’t mind when they openly communicate pretty late into the story
  • Don’t mind rooting for the second ML a lot of the time

19. Beware the Villainess


Summary: A college student reincarnates into the novel „The Man I Love“, where she has to live as the villainess Melissa from now on. The female lead Yuri is surrounded by multiple love interests who are quite intense. Melissa doesn’t care about the plot and her new mission is to protect Yuri. „All idiots, prepare to step aside or perish!“ is her Motto. Read here: tapas.

RomCom-Level 7: Melissa dishes out punishments left and right – which is very fun to see. But beware: the Romance falls short in this one.

You should check it out if you:

  • Don’t mind a very late start for the Romance (Melissa is pretty dense on that topic) and then it gets settled pretty quickly
  • Like it when a story implements Memes
  • Love seeing the female lead torturing the male protagonists of the original novel

Do you want more Villainess Manhwa recommendations? Check out this list: Villainess Manhwa.

20. Swolemates


Summary: When Braydin, the arrogant social media celebrity, and Alex, the geeky gamer, cross paths at the gym, they initially clash. However, as circumstances push them to collaborate, they discover unexpected similarities.

RomCom-Level 10: This story feels like a feverdream sometimes. (This one is also a good start for guys who want to explore the Romance Manhwa world)

Check it out if you:

  • Like staring at a girl’s abs and a very trained gluteus maximus.
  • Love it when the main couple doesn’t like each other at first. They bond while liking the same degenerate game. It doesn’t get any better than that.
  • Don’t mind when the male lead is depicted as an insensitive idiot at first (don’t worry he is actually a nice guy)

21. Happily Ever Afterwards

ⓒ NAVER WEBTOON /Hwang DoTol / Jeongseo

Summary: If you were reborn as a character in your beloved romance novel, what would you do? Peony, a devoted fan of “The Song of Askar,” has a clear goal: to wed her favorite character. Reborn as a princess in the Kingdom of Garten, she aims to marry Richt, the deposed prince of the Fairspren Empire and the novel’s secondary hero, exiled to a harsh realm following the story’s conclusion that wasn’t favorable for him.

  • RomCom-Level 3: The only funny one is Peony, but she has some pretty good moments.

Check it out if you:

  • Like it when the female lead is pretty quirky
  • Don’t mind when the male lead supposedly loves someone else
  • Love reading a story with many memeable panels and protagonists with regular eye and hair color

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