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The 45 best Completed Romance Manhwa

Best Completed Romance Manhwa: Our Secret Alliance

Summary: This one is an absolute hidden gem and I don’t know why it isn’t talked about more. The male protagonist is the absolute greenest flag out there and although he does everything for the female lead it doesn’t feel wimpy or forced. He is just a supportive guy. Our female lead is the same. She is pretty cheerful and tries to help the people around her. What I love about the story, is the absolutely perfect pacing and the realistic approach to feelings and relationships. And lastly, to give you a summary and not a review: This story is about two young high school students who know each other since they were kids, grew apart, but started to get closer again over time.

You should check it out. No ifs. But if you insist, here are my pointers:

  • Read it if you like a story with realistic drama you can relate to (at least a bit)
  • Read it if you love having butterflies in your stomach because this story delivers tension perfectly – not only between the main couple
  • Read it, if you like reading a story with unique art and many lovable characters

2. Romance 101

Summary: This story revolves around Bareum and her life at university. Sounds boring? Far from it. Romance 101 is a great and fun read where the main couple initially has some disagreements but gradually gets together. It is fun, there’s no dragged-out drama and the relationships feel real. Also: the male lead is the greenest flag on this planet. The art and color palette are really unique, so that’s a rare treat too. Just go read it.

You should check it out if you:

  • don’t mind when the girl has a crush on another guy at first
  • like reading a fun story with very little drama and many lovable characters
  • love it when the main couple starts on the wrong foot

3. Your Eternal lies

Summary: This might be the most interesting premise I have read in a while. The protagonist, Rosen Walker, is the most infamous jailbreaker in history. She has managed to escape prison two times and is now being transferred to a maximum security prison on an island. The story unfolds on the ship and the male lead happens to be war hero Ian Connor, her prison guard.

You should read if you:

  • want to feel all the feels – because with this one there isn’t really a right or wrong
  • want to escape the royalty Manhwa loop you and I are probably trapped in
  • love it when the story has NO second male lead. Ah what a breath of fresh air.

4. For Better or for worse

Summary: The female lead reincarnated as Lady Dillion, the villain of a novel (although she doesn’t really do much). In the original plot, her sister dies after marrying Marquess Cedric, which is why she doesn’t like him. In order to protect her sister, she decides to marry him herself – although she knows he is destined to fall in love with the female lead of the original story. I love the dynamic of the mcs.

You should check it out if you:

  • love it when the mcs bicker and tease each other a lot
  • like it when the characters have pretty surprising character traits (the stepmother, the sister and so on)
  • don’t mind when some ridiculous misunderstandings get dragged out for a little bit too long

5. Marriage of Convenience

Summary: The female lead Bianca de Arno regresses in time after her husband dies in war and she is kicked out of his estate. She was known as a wicked and selfish wife and hated her life at her new home. Although the plot is nothing new, the delivery and pacing are great. It almost reads like a fairytale and the character development is top notch.

You should read this completed Romance Manhwa if you:

  • don’t expect the female lead to be a tactical mastermind and change everything to her favor
  • don’t mind an age gap of 13 years (In the novel her father married her off when she was nine but they didn’t consummate the marriage until she was 21 – at least in her first life. The flashbacks of their marriage can be pretty uncomfortable but there are only a few panels and he mostly left her alone)
  • like reading a story with many lovable characters – except the obligatory crown prince who obsesses over the fl for no reason.

Completed Romance Manhwa: See you in my 19th life

Summary: Buckle up because this story will take you on a ride. Protagonist Jieum Ban has a special ability: she remembers all her past lives. In her previous life, she met Seoha, a bratty boy with whom she formed a strong bond. Unfortunately, her life ends pretty early but thanks to her ability she tries to reconnect to Seoha.

  • like reading a story with nice pacing (there is drama but it’s not too unrealistic and not overloaded)
  • love feeling all the feels
  • like it when the female lead is assertive, and the male lead is on the receiving end

7. Seasons of blossom

Summary: Seasons of Blossom is a Webtoon divided into different parts. First, I didn’t like it because I loved the first couple, but the story is written really well. Although this Webtoon is set in a high school, it can be quite sad, and the dialogue feels mature. It starts off with two friends having feelings for the same guy and a fake relationship – a plot we have seen a million times. But as the story progresses the theme changes entirely and it gets more sad. But you should give it a shot.

You should read if you:

  • love it, when the male lead is very direct and appears kind of cold and the female lead is liked by everyone but lets herself go with the male lead (at least in the first love story)
  • reading a Romance Webtoon with wholesome friendships
  • don’t mind reading a Romance story with heavy themes and some pretty sad moments

8. Sixth Sense Kiss

Summary: When our female protagonist Yesul kisses someone she receives a vision of his future. One day she kisses her strict boss Minhu and the vision she sees leaves her stunned. I won’t say more so I won’t spoil you. This story has a bit of unrealistic Drama but it’s still a nice read.

You should check it out if you:

  • like it when the main couple seems fated to be together
  • love a story with many chapters where they are just lovey dovey
  • like reading a modern Romance story with a supernatural touch

Completed Romance Manhwa: First Night with the Duke

Summary: If you are looking for a healthy relationship with honest communication and no questionable actions this story is NOT for you. If you take this one as it is – a fun work of fiction – you might really enjoy it. Ripley, our female protagonist, is quirky and likes to do things her own way. Even if that means faking an injury to get our male protagonist Duke Zeronis off her back who pressures her into marriage after they spent one drunken one-night stand together.

You should check it out if you:

  • don’t mind some shitty behavior of both main characters: The duke doesn’t take no for an answer and Ripley avoids direct communication, trying to trick him with very questionable actions
  • love reading a fun and quirky story, with nice art and a satisfying ending
  • like it when almost all the characters in a story are likable. The only character who will likely increase your blood pressure is probably Ripley herself

10. My gently raised beast

Summary: You want to read a story with an obsessive male lead? Then check out My gently raised beast. Although it contains some cliché elements – like the crown prince falling head over heels for her for no apparent reason and her siblings and dad being really mean to her because she is adopted – it’s still a good read.

You should check it out if you want to read a completed Romance Manhwa with:

  • lots of character development from the side characters
  • cutely drawn animals
  • don’t mind hating on the family of the female protagonist for a very long time throughout the story

11. What’s Wrong With you Duke?

Royalty Manhwa

Summary: This story is about Erin and Rowan – oh wait, let me French this up: This story is about Dreux and Nöel (I’ll explain this one down below) and their complicated love story. They start off pretty rough: As Dreux tries to kill her a magic spell is activated which forces him to completely change and declare his love for Nöel. He is so persistent that Nöel ends up marrying him but the thing is: his lovely personality “Ru” isn’t there all the time – there are moments when he can be his usual self and Nöel has to deal with death threats.

  • don’t mind when the male lead tries to kill the female lead at first
  • like it when the male lead has two kinds of personalities – and the lovey-dovey one is completely over the top
  • love reading a Manhwa with gorgeous art and a unique plot

12. The Villainess turns the hourglass

Summary: This one is a revenge story at its finest. There is romance too but it is not the main focus and it starts relatively late. Aria, the female protagonist, is pretty ruthless when it comes to reaching her goals. But it’s really satisfying to see her manipulative sister get what she deserves.

Check it out if you:

  • don’t mind when the romance starts pretty late – although the tension begins earlier
  • love it when the female lead has a special trick/skill up her sleeve (the hourglass)
  • like to see the antagonist(s) suffer – not torture but humiliation

13. Sirens Lament

Summary: Lyra has a complicated relationship with her best friend. While being pretty down about it, she goes to the beach only to get tangled up in a Sirens curse. She takes her newfound friend home and things start getting interesting. I also love the art but if you read the first chapters and need to get used to it: the linework improves a lot, so give it a chance!

You should read this completed Romance Manhwa if you:

  • love a story with nice pacing and a mysterious subplot
  • don’t mind a pretty intense love triangle where both love interests could be chosen until the very end. So heartbreak is inevitable
  • like it when the conversations feel natural and flowy. Significant character development is also a highlight

Completed Romance Manhwa: I was tricked into this fake marriage

Summary: This story appears to follow a pretty standard Isekai narrative: The female protagonist gets hit by Truck-kun and wakes up in the body of a beautiful noble lady who enters a contract marriage to reach her goals. But!! Although the male protagonist is labelled as a ruthless killer, he is surprisingly nice to the female lead. And their relationship is more than meets the eye.

You should check it out if you:

  • like reading a story, where they get together relatively early and show lots of skinship
  • love it when the story has a supernatural touch and a tragic mystery plot
  • don’t mind a pretty creepy and hopeless second male lead, if you can even call him that

15. A business proposal

Summary: Ha-ri assists her friend by going on a blind date in her stead, who is tired of the marriage set-ups by her father. She pretends to be a super-vixen in order to scare potential candidates away but she didn’t expect her “opponent” CEO Taemu to be that persistent. He has a goal of his own: he wants to get married to stop his family’s nagging and he doesn’t care who it is. The problem is: Ha-ri is an employee at this company and doesn’t want to get exposed. If you want to read more modern Romance Manhwa check out my list.

Check it out if you:

  • don’t mind some unnecessary drama that is prolonged at some point
  • like it when the male lead is hot, rich and can do everything – precisely the CEO type
  • love having more than one couple in a story

16. The villainess Maker

Summary: Do you like tension? Then this completed Manhwa is for you. This story is also not your typical Romance Isekai. Although our female protagonist tries to change the story, the world she lives in doesn’t let her until she acts like a villainess. In order to accomplish that she makes a deal with the mysterious warlord Killian.

You should read this completed Romance Manhwa if you:

  • prefer seeing a female lead who struggles but becomes strong in the end
  • love when the main couple has a Butler-Master-dynamic
  • don’t mind when the male lead is pretty pushy (but also very protective)

17. Positively yours

Summary: This story revolves around Doo-joon and Hee-won and starts after they experience a passionate one-night stand. They met at a bar and to Hee-wons dismay she gets pregnant. She intends to keep the news to herself but fate brings them together and Doo-joon finds out. Of course – as the supposedly perfect male lead he is – he insists on taking responsibility. This is how their relationship begins. Read my Review for Positively yours if you like to have more info before reading.

You should check it out if you:

  • like having your male leads being the perfect package: rich, patient, devoted, good looking – just… good at everything
  • don’t mind when you sometimes feel the urge to shake the female lead because she is so cold and stubborn
  • love when the pacing is pretty calm, except for the occasional drama

18. The Great Wish

Summary: Our protagonist is Sienna argent. She is poised for success: As the Silver King, she is about to become the emperor. While this story may seem to be just like any other historical Romane Manwha, there is a little mystery twist: Sienna possesses abilities that allow her to see certain visions. Although the ending feels a bit rushed, it’s still a nice read.

You should check it out if you:

  • don’t mind a pretty cold female lead (she has learned to be quite expressionless) – but that also makes her strong
  • don’t mind if the romance develeopes VERY quickly. There is almost no build up
  • love reading a Royal Romance with intrigue and a mystery twist

19. Swimming lessons for a Mermaid

Summary: Choa is a mermaid who aspires to enjoy a regular high school life while still being connected to the ocean. The only problem: She can’t swim. One day Soo, our male protagonist and the star of the swim team, discovers that she is a mermaid by accident. But instead of ratting her out, Soo offers to help and begins teaching her how to swim every night at the school pool. This story is wholesome, has the right pacing and is fun. There’s also very little drama, although our protagonists face some hardships.

You should check this out if you:

  • like calming your stressed soul with wholesomeness and a fun story
  • love it when all the characters are likable (and even the unlikable ones get redeemed)
  • like it when the relationship unfolds naturally and feels convincing. They have great chemistry

Completed Romance Manhwa: Villainess in love

Summary: While not introducing groundbreaking plot elements, Villainess in Love remains a fun read. Our fl gets reincarnated as the villainess of a story and tries to stay away from the original female lead in order to avoid being killed by the two love interests. So far so good. The plot twist: She sleeps with the male lead right at the beginning of the Manhwa and – of course – he falls head over heels for her.

You should check it out if you:

  • don’t mind a pretty possessive (but also very thoughtful) male lead
  • like it when the main couple gets together early and has many lovey dovey moments (and more)
  • don’t mind actually feeling sorry for the original female lead in the novel

21. Happily ever afterwards

Summary: Peony, our female lead gets reincarnated as a side-character who rooted for the second male lead of the novel. Although he “has his flaws” to put it mildly, she believes in his good heart and tries to persuade him to start a relationship with her. This makes for a very fun read but only if you don’t expect this series to give you relationship advice and not take it too seriously. Because he treats her very badly for a big portion of the chapters and she is quite pushy and doesn’t accept a no.

You should check it out if you:

  • like it when the female lead is pretty quirky
  • don’t mind when the male lead allegedly loves someone else
  • love reading a story with many memeable panels and protagonists with a common eye and hair color

22. Freaking Romance

Summary: Freaking Romance has gorgeous art and a really interesting premise: The female protagonist Zelith moves into a new flat alone and discovers that she has company. From a guy of another dimension no less. Although this story takes a strange turn right before the ending it remains a satisfying and fun read.

You should check this completed Romance Manhwa out if you:

  • like reading a story with absolute gorgeous art.
  • don’t mind some heartbreak in between cause the love interests change for a short while.
  • love reading a story with a mysterious touch and lots of angst. “Will they ever be together?” is a recurring theme.

23. Antistalker

Summary: “She is a hunter, he is a target. He is her stalker, she is his target” – don’t ask me why but the summary on webtoons is pretty… unusual. Let me tell you: Antistalker is a fun comic with a strong female lead and a very understanding and nice male lead. Although they could solve many issues by talking it still has enjoyable moments with some unexpected plot twists.

You should read this Completed Romance Comic if you:

  • want to read a Webtoon with very unique and beautiful art
  • don’t mind (or even like) a pretty violent but badass female lead
  • love it when the main characters fight and bicker a lot

Completed Romance Manhwa: Beware of the villainess

Summary: This one is a nice read if you care mostly about a badass female lead, fun expressions dorky characters, and an interesting fantasy world. If Romance is your main goal you shouldn’t pick this up. It has a bit of Romance in the end, but it’s very slow and not very satisfying, to be honest.

You should read if you:

  • want to get new panels for your meme portfolio
  • don’t mind secretly wishing this was gl
  • love when the women are no damsels in distress in a Fantasy-Romcom for a change

25. Golden Time

Summary: Golden Time is a sequel to the beloved Romance Manhwa Light and Shadow. The male lead is the son of Edna and Eli. It has many lovable characters and showcases how awesome leadership and camaraderie should look like.

You should read if you:

  • want to read a love story with a male lead who is the greenest of all the green flags
  • like hating on the antagonist very very much
  • don’t mind some arcs with slow pacing and angst


If you have read all of the above, here are some additional completed goodies or older classics you have probably heard of but should check out:

  1. Father I don’t want this marriage (funny but many misunderstandings and poor communication)
  2. Ellin’s Solhwa (must read, should have put it in the top 25 to be honest)
  3. Something about us (one of my favorites)
  4. The Reason Why Raeliana Ended Up At The Duke’S Mansion (classic but slow Romance)
  5. What’s wrong with secretary Kim (an old classic that got a K-Drama adaptation)
  6. As you wish Prince (some big plotholes but enjoyable)
  7. It’s a good day to be a Dog (drags in the final chapters)
  8. To love your enemy (very good start, pretty unsatisfying and weird end)
  9. Light and Shadow (classic with badass female lead but very questionable start)
  10. 50 Tea Recipes from the Duchess (tea is the answer for everything)
  11. The Maid and the Vampire (decent with some issues)
  12. Who made me a princess (classic but very little to no romance)
  13. Priscillas marriage proposal (has many fans but I don’t like the pacing)
  14. The lady I served became a master (poor communication but fun female lead)
  15. Revenge wedding (enemies to lovers trope)


If you need some completed but short (under 90 chapters) Romance Manhwa go for these:

  1. Till Debt do us part
  2. Falling for the enemy
  3. The meaning of you
  4. Mokrin
  5. Reunion

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