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Hello fellow Romance Manga Readers!

My name is Elly!

I love playing games and reading Romance Manga in my free time and as you have probably guessed by now: I am a sucker for a good Romance. Some of these comics sometimes get real cheesy or cringy but I think the feeling they transmit is really nice.

I need that sort of lighthearted feeling because life can be tough and thoughts can be pretty dark sometimes, so why not read something that lightens up your mood? With I hope to deliver some good content to you so that you don’t have to search around for good Romance Manga, as I did. I also try to only include works that were made in the last decade or so, because the art improved and many older comics are already known. I would love for you to have fun on my site, read the recommendations I posted, and leave suggestions or feedback so you can escape reality with me – at least for a short while.

What you can expect from

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A short rant or an article about a certain topic

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