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Romance Manhwa recommendations, Webtoon and Manga recommendations

In these parts of my website, you will find several recommendations for Romance Manga and Romance Manhwa focused on various topics. I try to recommend mostly works that were published in the last decade. Enjoy exploring! 

6 wholesome Romance Manhwas that will heal your soul

Discover five wholesome Romance Manhwa recommendations that will warm your heart. From pampered daughters learning survival skills to time-traveling heroines and charming witches, these stories promise endearing characters and delightful plot twists. Perfect for readers who love heartfelt romance and likable characters.

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20 Romance Manhwa without a love triangle

Unfortunately, the love triangle is a popular trope in the romance genre. I think many stories could do without that. So I crafted a list of Romance Manwha that have no second ML – at least not one that could be considered. Some of these on the list don’t even have a second guy that catches feelings – what a breath of fresh air.

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