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29 Enemies to Lovers Manhwa you need to check out

The best enemies to lovers manhwa

Enemies to lovers (etl) is a very popular romance trope and one of my favorites. The problem is that there are rarely any real enemies-to-lovers stories out there let alone Romance Manhwa with a true etl setting. From the 1000 Manhwa I have read; these are my favorites that meet the criteria to some degree. The Enemies-to-lovers Level should help you find your next great read:

  • ETL-Level 1: They don’t like each other in the first few chapters and become friends very quickly.
  • ETL-Level 5: They are more than just rivals but have legitimate reasons to hate each other – which they do. The bickering between them only gets better each chapter.
  • ETL-Level 10: They are true enemies – either they are trying to kill each other in the beginning or are truly on opposite sites.

Your Eternal lies

© MANTA /Kkomak

Summary: This has got to be the most interesting premise I have read in a while. The protagonist Rosen Walker is the most infamous jailbreaker in history. She managed to escape prison two times and is now shipped to a maximum-security prison on an island. The story takes place on the ship and the male lead happens to be war hero Ian Connor who is also her prison guard.

  • Enemies-to-lovers-Level 10: To be completely honest: It’s more the setting that is a perfect 10, not how the characters treat each other. But the guard-prisoner dynamic makes it pretty interesting, and the author does a great job writing their complicated dynamic.

You should read if you:

  • want to feel all the feels – because with this one there is not really a right or wrong
  • love it when the story has NO second male lead. Ah what a breath of fresh air.
  • don’t mind angst throughout the whole story.

The Crown Princess Scandal

Historical Romance Manhwa: The Crown Princess Scandal
ⓒ NAVER WEBTOON Ltd. /Jeonghyeon/ KITROW

Summary: Hwa-yeong, deceived by her sister, finds herself in a crown princess selection at the imperial palace, aiming to get disqualified by failing on purpose. However, her efforts backfire, making her a favorite among the royals. Frequent encounters with Crown Prince Shin-yeong escalate the situation, as he takes a personal interest in keeping her there. Now, Hwa-yeong must figure out how to navigate royal favor and the prince’s attention to return home before the six-month mark.

Enemies-to-lovers-Level 6: I think if you are into the enemies-to-lovers trope it doesn’t get any better than Crown Princess Scandal. Their relationship is doomed from the start because the crown prince almost causes an accident and doesn’t apologize. That sets the tone. Their constant bickering stays like that for a long time – but while doing so they gradually become friends.

Check it out if you:

  • Like it when the ML falls first
  • Love it when the FL is funny and headstrong
  • Don’t mind when the FL is oblivious to MLs feelings (but who can blame her, he doesn’t stop calling her goblin and stuff)

How to Win my Husband over


Summary: After a fatal plane crash, the protagonist unexpectedly wakes up as Rudbeckia de Borgia, a minor antagonist in a historical novel who is fated to be murdered by her husband, Iske van Omerta. Now part of the notorious Borgia family, she must navigate her impending marriage to Iske, the very man destined to kill her. Her goal becomes to demonstrate to Iske, his relatives, and the whole country that she is completely harmless, so that she can survive.

Enemies-to-lovers-Level 5: It’s not the typical “enemies to lovers” story because they don’t really hate each other – although it seems that way in the beginning. The ML is really cold and rough (due to a miscommunication) and the FL is annoyed by his attitude but still acts nice. But it is such a good story that I wanted to include. It’s more like: from indifference to love.

You should read if you:

  • Love when the characters aren’t black and white
  • Like it when the female lead has to actually work through her trauma and isn’t just “shaking it off”
  • Don’t mind when the male lead is pretty neglectful because he can’t communicate his feelings

Your Majesty Please Spare me this time

(c) Tappytoon/Hayeon, eclair, hyeyong

Summary: After being brutally executed by the emperor and suffering a personal tragedy, Laliette Bellua is reborn as her 12-year-old self. Determined to change her family’s dark future, she plans to win the favor of Emperor Rupert Edgar Laspe Vellelum to protect her loved ones. However, she encounters an unexpected challenge: in this timeline, the future emperor is disguised as a princess named Rapertte. With only a suitcase and some cash, Laliette heads to the capital, aiming to become Rapertte’s most trusted servant. She must prove her loyalty and win over the notoriously harsh and merciless Rapertte.

  • Enemies-to-Lovers-Level 10: They don’t trust each other because the FL belongs to a family that’s the enemy of the ML. In her first life, he killed everyone. The great thing about this Manhwa is, that the FL takes over 100 chapters to change her mind about him and secretly hates him, while he falls for her hard. Her conflicted feelings are a breath of fresh air.

Check it out if you:

  • Don’t mind when the ML treats the FL horribly until very late into the story.
  • Like it when the FL doesn’t forget what the ML had done after she regressed and really tries to work through her feeling.
  • Don’t mind a very unnecessary step-sibling second ML.

When Jasy Whistles

(c) Webtoon/ Cibeles

Summary: In the past, people commonly believed that the woods of Paraguay were filled with deities and mythical creatures. Hela, who grew up on the outskirts of modern-day Asuncion, didn’t think much of these old stories. However, when her best friend disappears, allegedly taken by the mythical figure Jasy Jatere, Hela realizes that these ancient myths are still very much alive.

  • Enemies-to-lovers-Level 10: They are enemies for a very good reason: Hela believes that Jasy is the reason her friend disappeared. And Jasy, a god, is not a fan of humans. They gradually come to trust each other – but it takes a very long time.

Check it out if you:

  • If you are into folklore stories with deities and magic
  • Love reading a unique story with many twists and turns
  • Don’t mind betrayal and many angsty moments

Revenge Wedding

(c) Tappytoon/ ByulSatangYang, SaRyong

Summary: Mercedia Sasha has everything—beauty, wealth, and status. She believes no man is worthy of her and isn’t afraid to show it. Her single life is perfect until she wakes up in an ugly wedding dress on a ship in the middle of the ocean. To her shock, she learns she’s been kidnapped and forced to marry Admiral Demetriu Cyprosa, the empire’s greatest war hero—or, as some secretly call him, a massive jerk. They’re headed to a deserted island for their honeymoon. Can these mismatched newlyweds set aside their differences to plan an escape, or will their stubbornness ruin their chances for revenge on those who set them up?

  • Enemies-to-lovers-Level 9: Although they don’t have a political reason to hate each other, they constantly fight because of very different beliefs. Their dynamic is extremely fun to read and seeing them overcome their dislike and teaming up to take revenge is very satisfying.

Check it out if you:

  • Like having a very unique, proud and open FL, she is obsessed with her social media (at first) and her appearance – but in a fun and charming way
  • Want a green flag ML with a personality and doesn’t just do everything the FL says (although he becomes her hairdresser)
  • Don’t mind when both main characters secretly like the other but don’t admit it.

How to survive as a maid in a horror game


Summary: “The Murderer of Pflatzgraff Manor” is a brand-new horror game from developer A-coms. Despite its beautiful graphics, players have criticized it for its extreme difficulty. The game features Adrian, a charming young man who is the devil’s reincarnation. As Adrian, the player’s objective is to kill as many people as possible due to Lilith’s Curse. One night, after playing the game to the point of exhaustion, our FL finds herself waking up as Hilda, one of Adrian’s maids.

  • Enemies-to-lovers-Level 10: Despite the dark setting and Yandere ML this Manhwa still manages to have some Comedy gold. The ways the female lead tries to survive are hilarious and the setting fits enemies-to-lovers perfectly.

Check it out if you:

  • Don’t mind murder and blood – obviously
  • Love that the narrative is actually pretty funny despite the theme
  • Like to escape the Otome-Isekai loop – but don’t want to stray too far


ⓒ Juniljus, Kin / Yeondam

Summary: Roxana is part of the notorious Agriche family of assassins. Reincarnated with knowledge of the story’s events, she attempts to avoid her own death by rescuing Cassis Pedelian, the heroine’s brother. But before you start reading: This one is on an indefinite hiatus because the author had serious health issues. So better wait a while before you start.

  • Enemies-to-lovers-Level 10: They meet in a cell where the ML is being held and she has to torture him in some way to ensure her family isn’t getting suspicious. It is perfect for the trope.

You should read if you:

  • want to read a Romance Manhwa with godlike art (get more recommendations here:
  • don’t mind a story with very violent characters and moderate gore
  • like to see the female lead stand up for herself in a toxic environment

Villain with a Crush

(c) Webtoon/ seyoon

Summary: Rosa Park’s love life takes a dramatic turn when, after being rejected by her first love of three years, she develops feelings for Doryeong Han, a celebrated superhero police officer who rescues her from a collapsing building. Years later, a new villain named Blackdog emerges, capturing Doryeong’s attention due to some inconsistencies in his actions. This raises the question: can the most notorious villain capture the affection of the nation’s most formidable hero?

  • Enemies-to-lovers-Level 10: It has a twist on the trope: In real life they are friends and as their superhero-selves they are enemies – although Rosa is just being misunderstood.

Check it out if you:

  • Don’t mind that the whole premise is based on a huge – but hilarious – misunderstanding that doesn’t get resolved.
  • Like when the female lead is physically insanely strong.
  • Need a funny story you don’t want to take too seriously.

Not Your Typical Reincarnation Story

(c) A-jin/ DOYOSAY

Summary: Reincarnated as the novel’s villain Edith Rigelhof, Suna Choi vows to transform Edith’s fate with kindness. Despite her marriage to the attractive Killian Rudwick, his heart belongs to the story’s heroine, and he distrusts Edith because of their feuding families. As Edith faces love triangles and family disputes, the overarching question is whether she can carve out a happy ending for herself amidst the chaos.

  • Enemies-to-lovers-Level 8: Although the hate is only onesided (the ML hates the FL in the original plot), it is quite satisfying seeing him overcome that gradually. Especially because he is very cruel in the beginning.

Check it out if you:

  • Don’t mind when the FL gets treated very harshly but doesn’t speak up.
  • Don’t mind when their relationship always has setbacks.
  • Love it when the good girl of the family may turn out to not be as good as everyone thought.

Morgana and Oz


Summary: When a struggling witch crosses paths with a brooding vampire, it’s a toss-up between romance and conflict. Morgana, from a lineage of witches, and Oz, from a competing vampire clan, face a pivotal moment after an accidental meeting and some unintended spells. They must collaborate to avoid igniting a full-scale battle between their respective groups.

  • Enemies-to-lovers-Level 1: This one is on the list because they are on opposite sites of a conflict between witches and werewolves. They pretty much instantly like each other though.

Check it out if you:

  • Don’t mind when the story progresses slowly, as the chapters are pretty short.
  • Like a story with an on-point mystery-plot
  • Love reading a story with refreshing art. It’s different but extremely beautiful.

Sixth Sense Kiss

(c) Got W / Jocobong

Summary: When our female protagonist Yesul kisses someone she gets a vision of his future. One day she kisses her strict boss Minhu and the vision she sees leaves her stunned. I won’t say more so I won’t spoil you. This story has a bit of unrealistic Drama but it’s still a nice read.

  • Enemies-to-lovers-Level 4: Although the ML secretly loves the FL he doesn’t show it and acts extremely cold. The FL dislikes him because of his attitude in the office. Even after they get together they have to keep up the appearance of them not liking each other, which creates fun situations.

You should check it out if you:

  • Like it when the main couple is “fated” to be together
  • Love a story with many chapters where they are just lovey dovey
  • Like reading a modern Romance story with a supernatural touch

Romance 101


Summary: This story is about Bareum and her life at university. Sound boring? Far from it. Romance 101 is a great and fun read where the main couple first has some disagreements but slowly get together. It is fun, there’s no dragged-out drama and the relationships feel real. Also: the male lead is the greenest flag on this planet. The art and color palette is really unique, so that’s a rare treat too. Just go read it.

  • Enemies-to-lovers-Level 4: They don’t like each other at first, because they seem to have absolutely nothing in common. And they find it hard to communicate.

You should check it out if you:

  • Don’t mind when the girl has a crush on another guy at first
  • Like reading a fun story with very little drama and many lovable characters (and a love triangle that is done right)
  • Love reading a Romance Manwha with unique art. Sometimes the eyes crave something different.

For better or for worse

ⓒYeondamXDCC/ EUNREN, No Heeda

Summary: The female lead reincarnated as Lady Dillion, the villain of a novel (although she doesn’t really do much). In the original plot, her sister dies after marrying Marquess Cedric, that’s why she doesn’t like him. In order to protect her sister, she just marries him herself – although she knows he is meant to fall in love with the female lead of the original story. I love the dynamic of the Mcs.

  • Enemies-to-Lovers-Level 2: The FL hates the ML because she believes he is responsible for her sisters death. Although their dynamic is fun and they challenge each other a lot, the “hate” quickly dissipates.

Check it out if you:

  • love it when the MCs bicker and tease each other a lot
  • like it when the characters have pretty surprising character traits (the stepmother, the sister and so on)
  • don’t mind some “misunderstanding”-storylines that drag a bit

Fallen to Paradies


Summary: Ange, daughter of Duke Glaster, thought her future was secure with her arranged marriage to Philip Cardiner, the rightful heir to the throne. However, everything changes when Philip’s brother, William, plots against him and takes over the line of succession. To strengthen his position, William forces Ange to marry Aiden Fitzroy, an illegitimate son of the emperor and a commoner. Will Ange be able to find love with the humble stranger she was compelled to marry?

  • Enemies-to-Lovers-Level 6: Although in the setting they aren’t enemies, it ticks many boxes. They are forced to marry, and both really hate it – and the bickering is extremely fun to read. A recent example from Episode 17 “Don’t be too harsh to the worm, lady Ange. It’s much more helpful than you.”

Villains are Destined to Die

ⓒ Tapas / Gwon Gyeoeul, SUOL

Summary: After playing an otome game the female lead got warped into the game itself and has to live as the villainess Penelope Eckhart. The problem is: the game is on hard mode. So she is afraid to die from every little mistake she makes. Her only indication of how she is doing is the affection bar on top of the male love interests.

  • Enemies-to-Lovers-Level 9: Pretty much everyone hates the FL which is even measured in an affection bar above every potential Mls head. She also dislikes them all although she must win their favor. But it’s a reverse Harem, just so you know.

Check it out if you:

  • don’t mind when everyone treats the female lead very poorly in the beginning
  • love to read a historical Romance Manhwa with really gorgeous art
  • like it when you don’t really know who the male lead is for a very long time

I became the Tyrants dishonest adviser

(c) Tappytoon/hingdoon/Hae Arim

Summary: A customer service employee is unexpectedly transmigrated into the body of Duchess Erina Valois, a side character in a novel who is fated to die at the hands of the tyrannical Emperor Cardan Zeon. To survive, Erina must navigate her new reality and get her act together quickly. As she adapts to her role as the emperor’s adviser, she realizes there may be more to their relationship than what was initially described in the novel.

  • Enemies-to-Lovers-Level 7: Their relationship is quite complicated. Although Erina works for the emperor and he obviously likes her in some way, he still simultaneously despises her. And the reader doesn’t know why at first which makes it very interesting.

Check it out if you:

  • Don’t mind when the main characters don’t communicate openly.
  • Like reading a Romance Comedy where the dynamic between the main couple is pretty complicated – even for the reader. The real intentions behind their actions get clearer later in the story.
  • Like having a different character design for a change: The Fl  – although she has silver hair – has a monocle and often wears pants.

Till Debt do us Part

(c)janggreen , Flowbee

Summary: Subin’s mother consistently arranges dates for her through matchmakers, but she rejects each suitor. Things take a turn when she unexpectedly reunites with a school friend who shocks her by proposing marriage. Now, Subin must decide if he’s the solution she’s been hoping for or if there’s more to him than meets the eye. She’s faced with a dilemma: accept the proposal to escape her financial burdens or decline and keep searching for another way out.

  • Enemies-to-lovers-Level 4: They can’t stand each other, and their dynamic is pretty bad since, Subin has a lot of debt. But it doesn’t stay like that for long.

You should read if you:

  • Like a well-paced and sweet story, with a sweet epilogue – children, wedding, and everything
  • Love it when the female lead is strong and speaks her mind
  • Like reading about a story where a broken family gets mended

To love your enemy

© WEBTOON Entertainment Inc. / Jungyoon/Taegeon

Summary: Yeohee Bae wants to leave her old life behind and goes as far as changing her name. She got caught up in a pyramid scheme and ended up scamming the mother of Yikyung Lee, who holds a grudge against her. Unfortunately, they are going to the same university. As they get to know each other, their quarrels turn into something else. This one has a pretty unsatisfying ending, and a weird arc in between. If you like hate-to-love I would still recommend reading it though.

  • Enemies-to-lovers-Level 6: As the name suggests, it starts off perfectly for the trope: they both can’t stand each other because the ML thinks FL has scammed his mum. It even takes about 20 chapters till their relationship changes – more than many supposed “enemies to lovers” stories.

You should read if you:

  • love reading a story where the male lead is kind of shy and blushes a lot
  • donˋt mind unnecessary drama and weird plot choices (they infiltrate a cult out of nowhere and with every new chapter you think: where did the plot go? Where am I?)
  • like reading modern Romance Manhwa in a story in a university setting

So I married the Anti-Fan

(c) Jaerim , Eunjeong Kim

Summary: Without a home, job, or anything to lose, Geunyeong Lee is set on taking down Who Joon, a celebrated Korean celebrity, fueled by deep-seated hate. Yet, getting to know him personally complicates her mission, challenging her initial intentions. Discovering the reality of Who Joon’s character, Geunyeong is confronted with a dilemma on whether to proceed with her plot against him.

  • Enemies-to-lovers-Level 5: While the ML doesn’t have anything against the FL it’s quite the opposite for Geunyeong. But she can’t resist his charms for long.

Check it out If you:

  • Like reading a good rom-com where the MCs have a hilarious dynamic
  • Don’t mind being ashamed for the FL pretty often
  • Love watching a K-Drama immediately after finishing the webtoon

The Witch and The Bull

(c) Moonsia

Summary: As the King’s advisor, Tan’s dislike for witches is well-known, which ironically leads to him being cursed and transformed into a bull. The only solution to reversing the curse lies with Aro, a witch whose beauty is matched by her kindness. Now, Ian must reconsider his prejudices as he depends on Aro to lift the curse. This situation begs the question: can Aro’s compassion change Tan’s feelings towards witches and break the spell?

  • Enemies-to-lovers-Level 7: These two are technically only enemies on paper, but the setting fits perfectly. But because Tan doesn’t reveal his identity right away they get to know each other without prejudice – and still don’t like each other at first.

Check it out If you:

  • like reading a story with lots of character development and unique art
  • don’t mind the “how will FL react if she finds out, that he is actually the enemy”-feeling
  • Spoiler Alert: Don’t mind when they are about to get closer the ex appears and FL immediately goes to him. They even kiss.


© WEBTOON Entertainment Inc. / Junepurrr

Summary: Clove is the last princess of the nearly extinct Azure Dragon Clan. To bring peace between the two Dragon Clans and protect her people she forces herself to marry her sworn Enemy Kyro. Their first encounter is pretty rough but they slowly open up to one another.

  • Enemies-to-lovers-Level 9: Their clans are enemies and Clove really hates Kyro. He is not fond of her either and treats her badly at first. So be prepared. The story has its flaws and a very slow pacing, but it’s still entertaining. The mystery is going strong.

Check it out if you:

  • love a story with a setting in Asia, dragons, and political intrigue
  • like the forced marriage trope, and don’t mind a love triangle that drags
  • don’t mind when both MLs are questionable at first. But it gets better – at least for endgame ML


Romance Manhwa for guys

Summary: When Braydin, the arrogant social media celebrity, and Alex, the geeky gamer, cross paths at the gym, they initially clash. However, as circumstances push them to collaborate, they discover unexpected similarities.

  • Enemies-to-lovers-Level 5: Alex and Braydin meet at the gym and they immediately dislike each other, because Alex finds him obnoxious. Swolemates can be a clusterfuck in one chapter and a very sweet romance in the next. So just know what you are getting yourself into.

Check it out if you:

  • Like staring at girl-abs and a very trained gluteus maximus.
  • Need a silly pick-me-up you need
  • Don’t mind when the male lead is depicted as an insensitive idiot at first (don’t worry he is actually a nice guys) and the art is pretty wonky.

Act Like You Love Me!

(c) Webtoons Entertainment /XUANN

Summary: Ji-eon is in her mid-twenties and completely stressed out. She has no money but tries to get by with a job at a convenience store. One day she gets her hands on a peculiar doll that can control Doyun Nam – a popular actor who suffers from panic attacks. Although their relationship starts off on the wrong foot, they somehow make it work and their interactions are hilarious.

  • Enemies-to-lovers-Level 7: They can’t stand each other in the beginning because Ji-eon hates Doyuns attitude. The fact that Ji-eon can command him with the weird doll doesn’t make it better. Although it doesn’t take very long for them to become friends.

You should read if you:

  • Don’t mind a story with a love triangle that’s just off – they really treated the second ML horribly. That’s all I can say without spoilers.
  • Like reading a modern Romance Manhwa with a supernatural twist – although the storyline gets completely neglected later on
  • Love it when the female lead is a loudmouth and voices her opinions


ⓒ Cierra, Macherie 2019 / D&C MEDIA

Summary: This one does have some issues, that’s why I will review it, so you know if Beatrice is for you. Alexandro is pretty indifferent to life. He doesn’t mind killing to reach his goals and he is ruthless (especially in the beginning). He lets the female lead Beatrice live and in order not to be killed she disguises herself as a slave under the name “Chloe”. She gets assigned as Alexandros (the Archduke) personal maid and he takes more and more interest in her. Although the male lead is an a**, I still think it’s somehow historically accurate. Often in Manhwas they are titled as war heroes and such but are never shown in action or just have a lovely personality.

  • Enemies-to-Lovers-Level 10: It starts off with the ML trying to kill the FL but sparing her. So, he is her enemy although that isn’t true for her new personality Chloe. But she constantly fears that he is going to kill her when her secret gets out.

Check it out if you:

  • don’t mind the Archduke being a ruthless murderer at the beginning (but maybe that’s exactly your cup of tea?)
  • don’t mind when the female lead doesn’t really have a goal of her own – other than surviving
  • like having lots of panels with fanservice (abs – abs everywhere)

Caught by the villain

(c) CHA SoHee, CHARA

Summary: Eunha, a fencing prodigy, finds herself as Selena Evan, a side character in a novel and the daughter of a famous swordsman. Though life in this fictional world isn’t terrible, she’s destined for an untimely death unless she can escape the villainous Prince Ignus. When her twin brother, Celestine, flees from military conscription, Selena must enlist in his place to prevent their family’s execution. However, hiding her identity becomes difficult when Ignus notices her exceptional sword skills and aims to make “Sir Celestine” his top henchman. Can Selena avoid getting caught by the villain and survive?

  • Enemies-to-Lovers-Level 4: The FL tries to avoid the ML at all costs because he brought demise to her family but – of course – ends up as his bodyguard. It takes a very long time for her to trust the ML and after 120+ chapters she still tries to keep her distance.

Check it out if you:

  • Don’t mind the slowest and most frustrating of burns
  • Don’t mind misunderstanding every corner
  • Like reading a good cross-dressing-story with a nice flow

Can’t get enough of you


Summary: After losing his parents in a tragic car accident as a child, Taejun Kim swore never to forgive those responsible. Now, as a successful and powerful adult, he encounters So-eun Han, the daughter of the driver who caused the accident. Driven by revenge, Taejun begins to torment So-eun. However, things get complicated when he starts to develop feelings for her, confusing his desire for vengeance with growing affection. The story shifts from a declaration of “I will never forgive them!” to an unexpected “I think I like you…”.

  • Enemies-to-Lovers-Level 7: Although the setting would be a perfect ten, it “only” gets a six, because his “revenge” is almost always out of concern for the FL or because he is jealous (which means he already likes her). Also, the FL is very timid and doesn’t contribute to a nice hate-to-love dynamic.

Check it out if you:

  • Don’t mind when the Fl is constantly being pushed around – by her current boyfriend at the beginning of the story and by her soon-to-be-boyfriend Teajun Kim.
  • Don’t mind when the FL is pretty passive
  • Like reading a story where revenge turns into love (and the art is absolutely gorgeous)

An hour of romance

(c) Tappytoon/Kim MYEONGMI

Summary: Jooahn and Dojin work in the same company but couldn’t be more different from one another. Jooahn plans out every little detail at work and has a leading position in the company, while Dojin is working as an entry-level marketer and still makes tons of mistakes. But he is adored by everyone at work while the employees are kind of afraid of Jooahn. One day they take a trip to a monastery and a little monk messes with their fates so they change bodies one hour a day.

  • Enemies-to-Lovers-Level 1: They don’t hate each other but the FL doesn’t like the ML’s incompetence. It is still fun to watch them grow closer.

You should read if you:

  • like seeing two opposites get together
  • love having much character development from the main characters
  • like reading a Manhwa with many hilarious moments (as is to be expected from the body-switch plot point, but a certain toilet scene was still unexpectedly awesome)

Ten Ways to get Dumped by a Tyrant

(c) mapzzil

Summary: Scarlett Arman stands out not only because of her engagement to the emperor but also because she’s been reincarnated into a fantasy novel. Aware that her character is doomed to die by her fiancé, Charleon Kalior, Scarlett is resolved to avoid this tragic end by getting Charleon to end their engagement. However, her plans hit a snag as Charleon seems increasingly interested in spending time with her, complicating her efforts to distance herself. This one is not a masterpiece, but still a fun read with some flaws.

  • Enemies-to-lovers-Level 1: It’s not your typical enemies-to-lovers story because the ML hates everyone and FL only wants to escape her fate. But their dynamic fits the trope, so I included it.

Check it out if you:

  • Don’t expect something you have never read before
  • Love it when the FL is completely shameless
  • Like it when the tyrant can’t resist the crazy charms of the FL – and falls first

One last rec for all the Spanish readers out there or those who want to learn Spanish by reading: Check out “Guerra No Amor”. It is really fun and portrays the enemies-to-lovers trope perfectly, while simultaneously turning it around. It has a few chapters on Webtoon Canva in English called “War not love”.

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