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11 Magic Romance Manhwa with powerful wizards

Magic Romance Manhwa

There are many Manhwas out there, that have some hint of magic in them. Fairies here, magical stones there, and a sprinkle of magical abilities like talking to plants or animals. But the most obvious of all: basically every Isekai is a magical Fantasy Romance of some sort. In this list, I have narrowed it down to Romance Manhwas which focus on magic as their main theme – with the protagonists being wizards themselves.

Best Romance Mangwa with magic: I Will Become the Villain’s Poison Taster

ⓒ PilYoo, jagalchikon, TANDAN, Nemoraming / C&C Revolution Inc.

Summary: After a fatal car crash our protagonist is reborn as Giselle Rozevin, a notorious antagonist destined to be poisoned in prison while on death row. Surprisingly, numerous attempts to poison her are unsuccessful. Strangely enough, Giselle finds that the poisons she consumes are unexpectedly delicious. Can Giselle use this unique tolerance to poison to her advantage in navigating her challenging new life?

If you check out only one Manhwa from this list read this one. It is pretty underrated and the ML is the most powerful wizard in the world.

Check this Magic Romance Manhwa out if you:

  • Don’t mind when the female lead is extremely clumsy and helpless sometimes – but still kind and hilarious
  • Love it when the main couple tease each other constantly – their dynamic feels natural and is fun to read.
  • Like it when there is no love triangle.

Many powerful wizards: I Married the Male Lead’s Dad

Magic Romance Manhwa
ⓒ Eongsseu, Eunsan / Ko eun chae / Feelyeon management

Summary: Before the female lead Aisha reincarnated into her favorite novel “Persona” she was a huge fan of Abel, the main character. After she started her life in the novel she took her stanning to a new level and sent him gifts. One day Abels Dad summons her because she seems suspicious. But there is a misunderstanding: He thinks Aisha is fangirling for him. That’s how their relationship starts. They both have elements they can control and the ML is the most powerful fire mage in the country. The tone in the beginning is very different than further into the story, but it’s worth it.

Check it out if you:

  • Love reading a historical Romance Manhwa with a smart female lead that actually thinks logically.
  • Like reading a great and refreshing plot with a pretty dark side.
  • Love it when the male lead falls in love first.

Witch vs. Vampire: Morgana and Oz


Summary: When a struggling witch crosses paths with a brooding vampire, it’s a toss-up between romance and conflict. Morgana, from a lineage of witches, and Oz, from a competing vampire clan, face a pivotal moment after an accidental meeting and some unintended spells. They must collaborate to avoid igniting a full-scale battle between their respective groups.

Check it out if you:

  • Don’t mind when the story progresses slowly, as the chapters are pretty short.
  • Like a story with an on point mystery.
  • Love reading a story with refreshing art. It’s different but extremely beautiful.

Chaotic but magical: I Think I’ve been Possessed somewhere

ⓒGonghyo, GB, Dalbicho / Yeondam

Summary: Transmigration sounds simple. First, determine the novel’s setting. Next, skillfully manage the intricate political dynamics and captivate your male lead. Finally, secure your happy ending. At least, that’s the ideal scenario. But for Elena Sevess, a passionate reader, even the first step is a hurdle! If Elena can’t decipher the plot, she’s facing big problems… or perhaps it’s the world that should worry about her presence?

Our FL doesn’t have magic abilities but the power to wish and our ML is a very powerful holy mage.

Check it out if you:

  • Don’t mind when the start is confusing – but the story is overall very funny so read through it
  • Like it when the romance gradually grows. Their dynamic is great and there is friendship before romance.
  • Love it when the ML falls first and don’t mind when FL blocks all advances (because of the flimsy argument – “no, he doesn’t mean it that way”)

Romance Webtoon with a lot of magic: The blind prince

ⓒ Cozycroww, NAVER WEBTOON

Summary: Elaine goes to great lengths to conceal her unique feather-covered skin. One day – after her boyfriend proposes to her – she is startled because he tries to kill a bird and her feathers come out. This causes her soon-to-be (hopefully) ex-lover to call her a monster. In despair, Elaine flees to the forbidden forest. And meets the blind prince who is on a mission to regain his kingdom and recover his lost sight.

Check it out if you:

  • Want to escape the Otome-Bubble and read a refreshing story with a unique premise
  • Love reading a story with a FL with dark skin – which is still pretty rare
  • Like when the characters are not black and white and everyone has good and bad sides

Author of My Own Destiny

ⓒ Furik&Jeokbal&Winterleaf/ Yeondam x DAON

Summary: In “The Emperor and the Saint,” the evil mage Fiona Green was supposed to be killed by the hero couple. However, Fiona takes control of her own story! Despite being mistreated and rejected by her arrogant family, and fighting in the battle at Heylon, Fiona chooses to use her magic for good. Her path unexpectedly shifts when she saves Siegren, the male lead, transforming him from an enemy to an ally. Now, the question is: Can Fiona change her destiny while still preserving the story’s happy ending?

Check it out if you:

  • Like a very obsessive male lead
  • Don’t mind a very slow romance and the fact that the FL really tries to hold on to the original plot
  • Love a story with godtier art that lets you forget some plotholes

Magic Romance Manhwa with annoying enemies: Saving My Sweetheart

ⓒHan yujeong&hound&Kim Jiei/DAON STUDIO​

Summary: Leticia, the child of the Holy Empire’s most esteemed spiritual leader, is falsely believed to be a merciless and brutal dictator. However, these allegations are entirely baseless. Having endured years as her resentful mother’s scapegoat, Leticia faces a curse that will lead to her death unless she murders her dear husband, King Ditrian, herself. Miraculously, time rewinds to just a few days prior to their marriage, offering her a renewed opportunity to not only protect Ditrian but also his entire realm. Mild Spoiler alert: Turns out she is the chosen one and can wield the strongest power in the world.

Check it out if you:

  • Don’t mind when the main couple doesn’t communicate and “pretends” to be in love, while both being in love.
  • Like a story with a very supportive ML – greenest flag ever.
  • Don’t mind when the villains are extremely cruel for no apparent reason at all. They are pretty one-dimensional.

The villainess maker

ⓒ Bulb, Sol Leesu

Summary: Do you like tension? Then this completed Manhwa is for you. This story is also not your typical Romance Isekai. Although our female protagonist tries to change the story, the world she lives in doesn’t let her until she acts like a villainess. In order to accomplish that she makes a deal with the mysterious warlord Killian, who has very powerful magical abilities.

You should read this completed Romance Manhwa if you:

  • Actually like seeing a female lead that struggles but becomes strong in the end
  • Love when the main couple has a Butler-Master-dynamic
  • Don’t mind when the male lead is pretty pushy (but also very protective)

A Romance Manhwa with gems and magical flowers: The Accidental Heiress

ⓒ Manta Comics/ supia/ doggo

Summary: Riella, a florist, unintentionally draws Duchess Horssen’s attention with her beautiful flowers and unexpectedly becomes the heir to her vast wealth. Our ML is Grand Duke Hann, who seeks to take over the inheritance and doesn’t like her at first. She must decide whether she can stand her ground and maintain her newly acquired status. This one is on the list because the Male lead is the most powerful wizard in the country and she has special abilities too.

Check it out if you:

  • Love it when the ML falls first
  • Like it when everyone loves the female lead.
  • Love an enemies-to-lovers relationship, where they become close naturally.

Into the Light Once Again

ⓒTicaTica · YUYA©DAEWON C.I. Inc.

Summary: Princess Alisa faces shock and betrayal when her own family turns against her, wanting her executed for a crime she didn’t commit. Overcome with despair, her fate takes a turn as she is reborn into a rival empire’s royal family. Although they seem friendly and warm, Alisa doubts their sincerity. Along with her new life, she discovers she possesses strange, new magical powers. She’s curious about the nature of this magic and whether it can help her exact revenge on those who wronged her in her past life. This one is on the list because she can heal people with the power of light and repeatedly makes use of it.

Check it out:

  • Like when a tortured child finally gets surrounded by a supportive family
  • Love a revenge story that is lighthearted at the same time
  • Don’t mind maybe rooting for another ML (I tried to keep this spoiler-free, so I can’t give you more Info)

A Romance Webtoon with a magical setting and characters: Made of stardust

ⓒ Kalisami/NAVER WEBTOON Ltd.

Summary: Kalisa is a young star who has fallen from the heavens and finds herself in an entirely new world where she is held captive by a young king. Isolated and suffering from amnesia, she manages to flee the kingdom in search of her celestial home. On her quest, she forms bonds with new allies who assist her in her endeavor to lift the curse she’s burdened with and make her way back to the stars – all while the king is chasing her.

Check this magic Romance Manhwa out if you:

  • Don’t mind not knowing who the ML is – and having one option that is pretty toxic
  • Love it when the story has many fantasy elements: she has a little pet, a friend, who is a dragon and is a powerful star herself – it feels really magical
  • Like reading a story with godlike art but not mind when the story doesn’t have a clear direction.

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