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Romance in Jujutsu Kaisen: love interests and tragic couples

Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the most popular Shounen Manga out there. The anime is equally popular and successful. But like most Shounen – which means “young boy” in Japanese – the anime doesn’t revolve around romance. But are there really no subtle hints at romantic relationships at all? Let’s explore.

Is there Romance in Jujutsu Kaisen? The spoiler-free answer

You can read everywhere that there is no romance in Jujutsu Kaisen – but that’s false. While it’s true that romance is not the main focus of the story there are subtle and obvious hints at romantic relationships. In season 2 of the anime, we also get one of the most tragic love stories of two side characters in Shounen – at least in my opinion. Additionally, the movie “Jujutsu Kaisen 0” basically revolves around a love story that’s gone haywire.

But if you want to watch a shounen where you can ship two people openly and get a happy ending, Jujutsu Kaisen isn’t for you. The anime doesn’t have that kind of romance.

Beware: Major Spoilers for Season 2 ahead

Romance in Jujutsu Kaisen: Let‘s explore the love interests

 None of the main characters have obvious love interests and probably won’t end up in a relationship – at least not while the anime is running. More like a “possible future” type of thing. But IF creator Gege Akutami – which by the way isn’t the author’s real name, but his pen name – decides to let some of the cast members end up together it could be these pairs:

Itadori Yujis love interests

Yuji and Yuko Ozawa

In the Manga she appears earlier than in the Anime but it’s one of the more lighthearted episodes before the fights start. And it’s one whole episode that is basically dedicated to romance. Yuko Ozawa is a former classmate of Yuji. The relationship is mostly one-sided, with Yuko having a clear affection for Yuji.

Yuji, on the other hand, is kind and friendly towards her but does not show romantic interest – although he sees her for who she is, and doesn’t care about her appearance, while all the others are calling her fat. But he mentioned that his type are tall girls and Yuko is very tall. After that episode, their relationship isn’t further explored.

  • Most iconic scene: When Nobara summons Yuji to meet up with her and Yuko she is worried that he doesn’t recognize her, because her appearance changed drastically. But Yuji being Yuji, he immediately remembers her name – which lands him a ten out of ten from his friends. In a flashback that follows he says that he likes Ozawa after his schoolmates force him to pick someone he likes from the class.

Yuji and Nobara Kugisaki

The relationship between Yuji and Nobara is rooted in friendship, mutual respect, and shared experiences as Jujutsu sorcerers. Moments, where they encourage each other to push beyond their limits or to stay strong in the face of adversity, highlight their mutual support. This encouragement can be seen as a sign of a deep bond. Their interactions often include lighthearted banter, showcasing a strong sense of trust and friendship.

  • Most iconic scene: After Yuko confesses that she has feelings for Itadori she asks Nobara if she has feelings for him as well. Nobara firmly says no, not even when hell freezes over she says. But after that, she thinks “my heart felt weird” and dismisses the feeling as palpitations. In English it’s translated to “my heart skipped a beat” but she means it in a more medical way. This clearly hints at the “I have feelings for a person but don’t realize it myself”-trope. Later she also says the thought of Yuji getting a boyfriend before her pisses her off.

Nobaras love interest

 As we already explored the only thing close to a love interest Nobara has, is Yuji. Although they constantly bicker and Nobara loves to craft the picture of her being unbothered, many scenes show that that’s not the case. After she collapses from an attack from Mahito Yuji completely loses it. While the anime and the manga clearly hints at her death it is not officially confirmed. If I remember correctly the narrator even says “nearly died” or something along those lines. So I don’t think that the ship has sailed yet.

Megumi’s love interest

Megumis love interest is Sukuna. I’m just kidding of course, because Megumi doesn’t have any love interest. The closest thing he has to a relationship that could develop into something more is that with his stepsister Tsumiki but I doubt Gege Akutami will go down this road. Although they aren’t related the two of them grew up together and she is extremely precious to him. Which is further shown in her rescue arc.

  • Most Iconic scene: When Todo asks Megumi about his type he thinks of Tsumiki calling him kind and blushing. This definitely doesn’t have to mean anything, it’s clear that he admires Tsumiki, but it could also be weird foreshadowing. Btw. his type is a woman with a strong character.

Gojo Satoru’s love interest

The most iconic relationship Gojo has is his friendship with Geto. They are the most tragic duo in Juju Kaisen and I don’t think Gojo will get a significant love interest because that would only overshadow the tragic end with his former friend turned enemy Geto. But the two potential love interests suffered the loss of Geto too. So maybe he ends up with these two:

  • Gojo and Iori Utahime: Gojo, known for his laid-back and teasing personality, often engages in playful banter with Utahime, who usually responds with annoyance or sarcasm. Despite the apparent irritation, this interaction suggests a level of familiarity and an underlying respect for one another. Both Gojo and Utahime show a deep concern for the safety and development of their students. They also know each other for a long time as they were both students at Jujutsu High. He is constantly teasing her which could be interpreted as interest.
  • Gojo and Shoko Ieiri: The relationship between Shoko Ieiri and Gojo is primarily professional, marked by mutual respect and a shared history as colleagues at Jujutsu High, where they hung out and went on missions together. Gojo, given his role in front-line battles against curses, indirectly relies on Shoko’s medical skills to ensure that he and his students receive proper care after engagements with curses.

There is Romance in Jujutsu Kaisen – between Mechamaru (Kokichi Muta) and Miwa

The relationship between Muta and Miwa is marked by unfulfilled romantic feelings, highlighted by mutual kindness and concern, despite never becoming a couple. Muta doesn’t have a healthy human body at first, but he goes to great lengths to live a relatively normal life. Miwa often shows support. Their story ends in a very tragic confession, where Miwa talks with Muta through a Mechamaru-transponder with a fragment of his soul – but he is already dead.

This is how the confession goes:

“There was this girl I loved. And I didn’t care what happened to the world as long as I could be at her side and protect her. Even if that girl didn’t want me to be the one to protect her.” – he says while she starts crying. After the time for the device is up he asks her to find happiness, however long it takes and she completely breaks down. It’s heartbreaking.

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