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Romance Manhwa with a male MC you need to read

Romance Manwha with a male MC

There are thousands of Romance Manhwas out there, but very few “typical” Romance stories are from a male’s perspective. Of course you can read many Webtoons with male protagonists but they mostly don’t focus on romantic relationships. So here are nine examples where the main character (MC) is male. The list doesn’t include BL or Shounen Ai, because they are always from a male’s perspective.

Male MC galore: Oh! Holy

Romance Manhwa with male MC
  • Where to read: Webtoon
  • Status: Completed

Summary: Jamie Oh, a reserved and quiet high school student, is content with his unique ability to communicate with ghosts, his only friends. However, his life, which is far from ordinary due to his paranormal connections, takes a surprising twist when he catches the attention of the school’s most popular girl.

Check it out if you:

  • love it when a Romance Manhwa actually makes you laugh. This one is pretty funny.
  • like reading a Manhwa with a very unique story.
  • don’t mind not knowing whether you are in a fever dream or not – but only sometimes.

Falling in love from a male’s perspective: Observing Elena Envoy

  • Status: Completed – If you like to read more completed Romance Manhwa, check out my 45+ recommendations.
  • Where to read: Manta

Summary: Johann, renowned for his exceptional looks and intelligence, has always been the leading student at the Academy. However, his world is shaken when Elena Evoy arrives, effortlessly surpassing him and remaining indifferent to his allure, denting his confidence. Despite this, Johann finds himself unable to stop pondering about her.

Check it out if you:

  • like it when the protagonists have rare hair color (ML is blond, FL is blue/violet)
  • liked reading the Manga “Last Game” the plot is almost the same, with basically only the setting being different
  • love it when the guy falls first – I mean all right, it’s the protagonist, but still. He also blushes quite a lot while the fl is unfazed.

Unlovable replacement

  • Where to read: Webtoon
  • Status: Ongoing

Summary: After his relationship ended, Chiko Dryer fell into a slump. One day he orders pizza and involves the delivery girl in a scheme to keep his friend away. That’s how their relationship starts but oh boy, November is stubborn.

Check this Romance Manhwa with a male MC out if you:

  • love it when the MC is very understanding, supportive, and patient
  • like it when they quarrel a lot but have a great dynamic
  • don’t mind when the female lead is having debt and therefore involved in some shady business

A Historical Romance with a male MC: The emperor reverses time

  • Status: Completed
  • Where to read: Webtoon (only Indonesia)

Summary: It was only upon Empress Lizzie’s death that Emperor Leon understood his folly, recognizing his regret when it was too late. Heeding Leon’s desires, the Clock Tower Witch rewound time to the moment when Leon first encountered Empress Lizzie. Now, in the past, Leon’s sole mission is to ensure Lizzie’s happiness. However, the repercussions of altering time are more significant than he anticipated. The question remains: Can Leon succeed in bringing joy to Lizzie?

Check it out if you:

  • Don’t mind pretty slow pacing and a rather rushed ending.
  • Love having a heart-wrenching confession in a story.
  • Like when the main character was horrible and gets a chance to redeem himself

Switching perspectives: The spark in your eyes

  • Status: Ongoing
  • Where to read: Webtoon

Summary: Erkin, a young pharmacist from the northern regions, orphaned by the war with Mormeratta, is tasked with treating a reclusive “castle master.” He is driven by his goal to find the Witch of the Sun, who killed his parents during the war. Unaware, Erkin’s journey for revenge might be closely linked with the witch, who could have been accompanying him all along. This leads to a critical moment where he must decide how to face this enemy who may also be an ally. This story switches perspectives so it’s not only from a man’s point of view.

Check this Romance Manhwa with a male MC out if you:

  • don’t mind reading a story with many flashbacks.
  • don’t mind having a very slow – and I mean very slow – romance. It’s more about the daily lives of the characters and their struggles.
  • like having complex characters whose backgrounds are shrouded in mystery for the majority of the story so far.

A classic from a male’s perspective: Doridosim

  • Where to read: Lezhin
  • Status: Completed

Summary: As Kang Dol’s affection for Yang Yang intensifies, he resolves to reveal his emotions. Facing away from her, he bravely declares his love. However, upon turning around, he’s surprised to see not Yang Yang, but Min Dosim, the most admired girl at school. Caught in an unexpected twist, Dosim, misunderstanding the situation, agrees to date him. Now, Kang Dol faces a dilemma on how to untangle this complicated turn of events.

Check it out if you:

  • don’t mind when the whole premise starts based on a misunderstanding that doesn’t get resolved for quite some time
  • like it when the story features more than one couple
  • don’t mind when the art takes some getting used to and the panels are a bit over the place

Iseop’s Romance

  • Status: Ongoing
  • Where to read: Webtoon

Summary: Mingyeong Kang, with her remarkable business savvy, quickly rose to become a senior manager at Korea’s top conglomerate, TK Group. Now, after 10 years, she faces a new challenge as the secretary to Iseop Tae, the company’s heir. Their history goes back to their first days at the company, where Mingyeong outshone Iseop, sparking a rivalry. Despite her overshadowing him professionally and hurting his pride, Iseop finds himself inexplicably drawn to Mingyeong.

  • This one is relatively new, but it looks promising. It’s a Romance Manhwa not only from a male leads perspective, they switch with the FL sometimes.
  • If you like a secretary – boss relationship, you should check it out.
  • The art is great.

The Nuna at our office

  • Status: Completed
  • Where to read: Webtoon

Summary: When Manager Son moves to another section at work, his routine office life suddenly becomes interesting. Here, he meets Manager Ahn, an experienced colleague whose efficiency and allure captivate him. However, as he gets to know her better, Manager Son begins to see beyond her assertive exterior. This experience soon teaches him why workplace romances can get complicated.

Check it out if you:

  • like when a story feels realistic – apparently, it is based on real experiences from the author.
  • don’t mind when the protagonists don’t communicate their true feelings.
  • don’t mind a sad ending.

Male MC but open end: The girl downstairs

  • Status: Completed
  • Where to read: Webtoon

Summary: As Joon settles into his new apartment on the first day of college, he unexpectedly discovers that the stunning former celebrity Doona (Duna) resides in the apartment below. Initially, Joon attempts to keep his distance, but he increasingly becomes intrigued by her enigmatic lifestyle.

You should read if you:

  • like it when the story also has a K-drama adaptation
  • don’t mind when the protagonists don’t really communicate with each other.
  • don’t mind a relatively open ending, it’s pretty frustrating to keep it spoiler-free.

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