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Historical Romance Manhwa – 60+ royalty recommendations for 2024

Would you like some tea, Mylord? And for the lady maybe a tartlet? Of course – coming right up: My 20 favorite historical Romance Manhwa with royalty. And many many more recommendations or inspirations for you to check out.

Best Historical Romance Manhwa: Top 1 – 10

1. How To Win My Husband Over


Summary: After dying in a plane crash, our FL wakes up as Rudbeckia de Borgia, a doomed villain from a novel, meant to be killed by her future husband, Iske van Omerta. Trapped in the troublesome Borgia family, she must marry her murderer. Her goal: To prove to Iske, his family, and their entire country that she poses no threat so that she can stay alive.

Check it out if you:

  • love it when the characters aren’t black and white
  • like when the female lead has to actually work through her trauma and is faced with constant challenges
  • don’t mind when the male lead is pretty neglectful because he can’t communicate his feelings

2. The Crown Princess Scandal

Historical Romance Manhwa: The Crown Princess Scandal
ⓒ NAVER WEBTOON Ltd. /Jeonghyeon/ KITROW

Summary: Hwa-yeong, deceived by her sister, finds herself in a crown princess selection at the imperial palace, aiming to get disqualified by failing on purpose. However, her efforts backfire, making her a favorite among the royals. Frequent encounters with Crown Prince Shin-yeong escalate the situation, as he takes a personal interest in keeping her there. Now, Hwa-yeong must figure out how to navigate royal favor and the prince’s attention to return home before the six-month mark. If you love the enemies-to-lovers trope it doesn’t get much better than The Crown Princess Scandal.

Check it out if you:

  • like it when the ML falls first
  • love it when the FL is funny and headstrong
  • don’t mind when the FL is oblivious to MLs feelings (but who can blame her, he doesn’t stop calling her goblin and stuff)

3. My In-Laws are Obsessed with me

Historical Romance Manhwa: My In-laws are obsessed with me
ⓒ NAVER WEBTOON Ltd./seungu / Han Yoon seol

Summary: Pereshati Jahardt, a count’s heiress, faces betrayal from her stepfamily and lover, leading to her death. Miraculously, she’s revived and travels back in time before the murder. To buy time before getting her revenge, she proposes marriage to the infamous grand duke, Therdeo Lapileon, uncovering a dreadful family secret. The story unfolds around how Pereshati navigates this discovery. This historical Romance Manhwa stands out because of the great pacing and storytelling. The flow feels natural, and the feelings are depicted beautifully.

Check it out if you:

  • like reading a story where almost every character that gets introduced has depth.
  • love it when a Manhwa takes time to show the feelings and trauma that certain incidents cause and don’t just brush it off
  • don’t mind when the male lead seems pretty cold and is not the best at communicating

4. I married the Male Lead’s Dad

ⓒ Ko eun chae / Eongsseu, San-ho&Gyammi / Feelyeon management

Summary: Before the female lead Aisha reincarnated into her favorite novel “Persona” she was a huge fan of Abel, the main character. After she starts her life in the novel she takes her stanning to a new level and sends him gifts. One day Abels Dad summons her because he gets wind of her actions. But there is a misunderstanding: He thinks Aisha is fangirling for him. That’s how their relationship starts. Read this Manhwa on Tapas. This one starts as a lighthearted Romance Manhwa and gets heavier along the way. But please don’t hesitate to read this masterpiece.

You should check it out if you:

  • (like when the male lead has boobs – I’m kidding his chest is just drawn a bit weirdly)
  • love reading a historical Romance Manhwa with a smart female lead that actually thinks logically
  • like reading a great and refreshing story with a pretty dark side
  • love it when the male lead falls in love first (he is a great ml – in my top 5 for sure)

5. Royal Romance: I shall master this family

© Kakao Entertainment / Ant Studio/ Mon/ Kim Roah

Summary: After the death of Firentias grandfather the great Lombardi family fell into ruin at the hands of her cousins. Firentia had to watch all of it and couldn’t interfere. While getting drunk out of frustration she got hit by a carriage and woke up as her seven-year-old self. She uses her chance to become the next head of the family and protect the Lombardi legacy.

You should check this historical Romance Manhwa out if you:

  • like seeing adults being startled by a little girl (she is behind many business ventures and plays the whole political intrigue game)
  • love reading a royalty Manhwa about the most lovable Manhwa-Dad in history
  • don’t mind when the romance is extremely slow. And I mean extremely.

6. The Broken Ring: This Marriage Will Fail Anyway


Summary: At six years old, Inés instantly decided that the attractive successor of the Escalante family would be her future husband. Believing that all noblemen are essentially the same, she opted for someone who was aesthetically pleasing. However, Lord Cárcel is not prepared for such a commitment and spends the following fifteen years dodging the marriage at every turn.

For Inés, this works out perfectly since she desires the marriage to fail. She even encourages him to enjoy his freedom as long as he does not interfere in her affairs. But when Inés appears indifferent and allows him his freedoms, Lord Cárcel finds the playboy lifestyle less appealing, suspecting that she might be unfaithful as well. This sparks a resolve in Cárcel to win over Inés by demonstrating that he can be the partner she truly seeks.

Check it out if you:

  • like when the ML is completely obsessed over the FL (although he sleeps around before they start to get serious, but FL asked him to)
  • love it when the FL (who regressed three times already) doesn’t just shake off her trauma. But beware the flashbacks are pretty heavy. If you are searching for a lighthearted Romance Manhwa, better skip that one.
  • don’t mind when the female lead is VERY stubborn and emotionless – (but for a very good reason to be fair)

7. Secret Lady is more enjoyable if you can binge it

Historical Romance Manhwa with ghosts: secret lady

Summary: Lady Rosentine Arzen was born with the ability to see ghosts, an offense punishable by death under imperial law. So when Rosentine learns of a plot to poison the imperials, she goes undercover as a vagabond sorcerer to save Prince Charteris Kartazen, who promises to protect her family should she solve the mystery. Amidst palace intrigues, Rosentine’s secret ability is the most perilous threat to her own survival. If you don’t want to read it for the unique premise, read it for the great dynamic between the main couple but beware: the progress can be slow.

Check it out if you:

  • want to read a story with such impeccable art, that you could print out every panel and plaster your whole room with it.
  • love reading a story with a LOT of political intrigue that goes pretty in-depth. So the pacing can be pretty slow.
  • don’t mind many flashbacks in a story. Although they are relevant it can feel lengthy – but only if you are reading it weekly.

8. For Better or For Worse

ⓒYeondamXDCC/ EUNREN, No Heeda

Summary: The female lead reincarnated as Lady Dillion, the villain of a novel (although she doesn’t really do much). In the original plot, her sister dies after marrying Marquess Cedric, that’s why she doesn’t like him. In order to protect her sister, she just marries him herself – although she knows he is meant to fall in love with the female lead of the original story. I love the dynamic of the Mcs. This one is also one of the best completed Romance Manhwa you can read.

You should read this Royalty Manhwa if you:

  • love it when the MCs bicker and tease each other a lot
  • like it when the characters have pretty surprising character traits (the stepmother, the sister, and so on)
  • love reading a story where love develops from animosity

9. I Will Become the Villain’s Poison Taster is a historical Romance Manhwa with lots of magic

ⓒ PilYoo, jagalchikon, TANDAN, Nemoraming / C&C Revolution Inc.

Summary: An office employee dies in a car crash and is reborn as Giselle Rozevin, a notorious antagonist destined to be poisoned in prison while on death row. Surprisingly, numerous attempts to poison her are unsuccessful. Strangely enough, Giselle finds that the poisons she consumes are unexpectedly palatable. With her new skill, she tries to be helpful for the ML. It’s available on Tapas and pretty underrated if you ask me.

Check it out if you:

  • don’t mind when the Female Lead is extremely clumsy and helpless sometimes – but still kind and hilarious
  • love it when the main couple tease each other constantly – their dynamic feels natural and is fun to read
  • like it when there is no love triangle

10. Betrayal of Dignity

Historical Romance Manhwa: Betrayal of dignity
© MANTA / Kimpa

Summary: To prevent her family’s downfall, Chloe Verdier needs to secure a husband for her sister, Alice. She encounters the attractive yet arrogant Duke Thisse, who offers a solution. However, when Alice elopes with a suitor, Chloe is forced to take a significant risk by approaching the Duke for help. If you are searching for a wholesome story please don’t pick this up and run as far as you can. If you are willing to give this story a chance you are in for a treat. The pacing and storytelling are great and the art is absolutely gorgeous. It’s available on Manta.

Check it out if you:

  • don’t mind when the ML is obsessive, manipulative, and expresses his love in toxic ways to put it mildly. He is basically a yandere.
  • love a story with a lot of angst where the FL is suffering a lot.
  • want to read a historical Romance Manwha with a really strong and unique FL. She has a limp and is sophisticated and headstrong.

Historical Romance Manhwa – Top 11 – 20

11. Marriage of Convenience is a historical Romance Manhwa that reads like a fairytale

©Antstudio, KEN

Summary: The female lead Bianca de Arno regresses in time after her husband dies in war and she is kicked out of his estate. She was known as a wicked and selfish wife and hated her life at her new home. Although the plot is nothing new, the delivery and pacing are great. It almost reads like a fairytale and the character development is top-notch.

You should read this royal Romance Manhwa if you:

  • don’t expect the female lead to be a tactical mastermind and change everything to her favor
  • don’t mind an age gap of 13 years (In the novel her father married her off when she was nine but they didn’t consummate the marriage until she was 21 – at least in her first life. The flashbacks of their marriage can be pretty uncomfortable but there are only a few panels and he mostly left her alone)
  • like reading a story with many lovable characters – except the obligatory crown prince who obsesses over the fl for no reason.

12. Villain’s are Destined to Die

(c) TAPAS MEDIA 2020/ SUOL / Gwon Gyeoeul

Summary: After playing an otome game the female lead got warped into the game itself and has to live as the villainess Penelope Eckhart. The problem is: the game is on hard mode. So she is afraid to die from every little mistake she makes. Her only indication of how she is doing is the affection bar on top of the male love interests.

  • don’t mind when everyone treats the female lead very poorly in the beginning
  • love to read a historical Romance Manhwa with really gorgeous art (I know, I’m kind of repeating myself)
  • like it when you don’t really know who the male lead is

13. I stan the prince

historical Romance Manhwa recommendations: I'm stanning the prince
ⓒ zoo sun

Summary: Angela is a huge fan of Prince Rayburn – she even wrote fanfic for him. To her surprise, her cringy fanfic got published behind her back and became a huge success. When the imperial family notices the fanfic they are searching for the author and want her head for treason. Rayburn’s sister Hoya takes her in to protect her and in exchange, she has to write a sequel of her novel in secret to improve Rayburn’s reputation. To inspire her she spends more time with Rayburn. The story is intriguing. It’s not the typical Isekai, gorgeous duke storyline – she didn’t go back in time and she didn’t reincarnate. This one is back after a long hiatus.

You should read if you:

  • like it when you aren’t quite sure who the villain is supposed to be in the story
  • want to read a story with a very quirky and hilarious female lead
  • love reading a historical Romance Manhwa with beautiful art – just look at the picture

14. Revolutionary Princess Eve

© Copin / Irinbi

Summary: Evenrose and Michael are the protagonists in this story. They both live in different worlds: He is a homunculus, a race that is only used for slavery and manual labor in the kingdom. She on the other hand is a princess in the royal palace. To abandon slavery and change the system, she tries to gain her father’s favor and be his successor. This Manhwa is a time-reversal story and is one of the few who actually explain why time was reversed. I love it – but it has been on hiatus for a long time. Season 3 is in production.

You should check it out if you:

  • like when the male lead has to protect the female lead (master-bodyguard relationship)
  • love reading about a female lead that is really kind and has a huge goal: abandoning slavery
  • like it when the male lead is pretty distrusting at first but quickly becomes fond of the female lead

15. My gently raised beast is a royal Manhwa with cute animals

© WEBTOON Entertainment Inc. /Yeoseulki/Early Flower/Teava

Summary: This is not an Isekai or a time-reversal Manhwa, which makes it pretty special in itself. After growing up poor, Blondina gets taken into the palace, because she is the forgotten princess of the Ates empire. As you would expect she doesn’t get welcomed with open arms and her so-called family is treating her pretty poorly. One day she meets Amon – a member of the divine leopard clan – who can change into a human. They quickly become close.

Historical Romance Manhwa – You should read if you:

  • love reading a Manhwa with a possessive male lead
  • like reading about a female lead that stands up for herself
  • love seeing beautifully drawn cats getting petted and cuddled all the time

16. Not-Sew-Wicked Stepmom is a royal Manhwa with serious trauma

ⓒ Mo9Rang, Iru 2021 / A.TEMPO MEDIA

Summary: This Manhwa uses some elements of Snow White and uniquely tells the story. There is the evil stepmother (Abigail), the mirror on the wall, and the mistreated daughter (Blanche). After reincarnating Abigail doesn’t want to keep being the evil stepmother. She is still completely obsessed with Blanche, but only because of her cuteness. Therefore she calls out everyone in the castle who mistreats her – including her father. Blanche and even the King slowly start to open up to her.

You should check this Royalty Manhwa out if you:

  • like it when the female lead intimidates everyone with her scary face
  • love it when the former villainess gets everyone to like and respect her
  • don’t mind when the male lead is cold (but he has his reasons which are pretty heavy)

17. Under the Oak tree

(c) Manta Comics /KIM Soo-ji/Namu/P

Summary: Maximilian got abused by her father all her life and developed a stutter. She is forced to marry the unknown knight Riftan. After their first night, he disappears on a mission for three years and becomes the most famous knight on the continent. Even after three years he still is obsessed over Maximilian – but she can’t quite deal with being treated well.

You should read if you:

  • don’t mind mild sexual content (this has a smut tag)
  • like reading a Manhwa with a realistic approach to trauma (finally a female lead who doesn’t just shake it off after being abused – I really like that)
  • love it when the couple is together from the beginning (if you want to understand Riftans feelings, there is a novel from his POV)

18. Carrier Falcon Princess

historical Romance Manhwa
(c) KakaoPage/ Hanryui / Coin

Summary: This Manhwas female lead is Zelle. She is the eighth royal princess of Roymonde, who was kidnapped by the enemy. After passing out in a life-threatening situation she wakes up as a bird. Yes a bird. Because she likes to be useful to her country she becomes the messenger bird of Commander Valhayle and they form a unique bond.

You should read this Royalty Manhwa if you:

  • like reading a refreshing and unique story
  • don’t mind when the male lead is strangely drawn to a bird (how this story still manages to set up tension and a bond between the MCS is hilarious)
  • love reading a Manhwa with an ongoing war and a mysterious plot

19. Baroness goes on Strike

ⓒ Yeseul, Go Eunchae / Toyou’s Dream

Summary: Baroness Cassia, nearing the end of her life, finds solace in the thought of escaping her joyless union with Zester, her mercenary spouse. She laments the relentless energy spent sustaining his domain, wishing she had prioritized her own needs. Miraculously, Cassia awakens to discover she has traveled back in time by a decade. Seizing this opportunity, she resolves to pursue a life free from stress. The crucial question is whether she can muster the bravery to stand up to Zester, or if she’s fated to relive her previous, troubled existence.

Check it out if you:

  • don’t mind a very annoying and possessive guy (I won’t even call him second ML) who tries to break the main couple up
  • love it when the ML blushes a lot
  • like it when both protagonists really work for the relationship and grow close pretty quickly

20. Flirting with the villains’ Dad

(c) TAPAS MEDIA 2020 / via / dalseul

Summary: Bus-kun strikes and the female lead finds herself in the body of Princess Yerenica, a character in the novel “Brisney wants to be happy”. But the twist: She reincarnated 20 years before the story of the novel starts. Because she knows exactly how the story is going to unfold, she tries to seduce the villain’s father, before the villain is even born.

You should check this historical Romance Manhwa out if you:

  • like reading a story about a bubbly and quirky female lead
  • love having a female lead who actively tries to change the story
  • don’t mind when the male lead is pretty cold in the beginning – although they touch very often

Best Historical Romance Manhwa: Top 21 – 31

21. The villainess lives again

ⓒ 2020. golemfactory / Mint, PEACHBERRY

Summary: Artezia Rosan is a master manipulator and she uses her skills in order to help her brother sit on the throne. After he didn’t need her anymore, he stabbed her in the back and she got imprisoned for all of her crimes. Even when her legs and arms got cut off she managed to draw a magic circle to go back in time. This time she uses her skills to help Cedric Ebron on the throne – a man she truly admires. Just a small warning: If you are only looking for Romance this is not for you. It has a very lengthy story with a lot of planning and plotting.

You should check it out if you:

  • like seeing the female lead deal with her toxic family
  • don’t mind when the female lead is pretty self-destructive
  • love reading a story with a very righteous and caring male lead

22. Father, I don’t want this marriage

ⓒ Roal, Yuri, Hong Heesu

Summary: If you like misunderstandings, this story is for you. Juvelian is supposed to be a villainess – although it isn’t really shown what she did wrong. She is scared of her father and feels neglected. In the first chapter, she dies a tragic death – no one helped her, not even her lover or her father. So after going back in time she breaks up with her lover and tries to win her father’s love. The thing is: her father is actually pretty protective, they are all just bad at communicating. In order to keep herself from being married off she forms a dating contract with her father’s student.

You should check this Royalty Manhwa out if you:

  • like it when the male lead falls in love first and is pretty shy and possessive
  • don’t mind a misunderstanding-inception and the lack of proper communication (it is pretty hilarious for now – but I hope it won’t get dragged out too much)
  • love reading a story with a VERY misunderstood father

23. The Villainess Flips the Script

© Garine, KEN / yeondam

Summary: The female lead reincarnated into her favorite revenge novel “The owner of the winter forest” as the villainous aunt Eudith, who has to care for the novel’s male lead Luka. After she woke up she started treating Luka well and he started getting attached to her. When his uncle Rudiger shows up to take him away, Luka refuses to part with Eudith – and so the original story has changed and she moves to Winterwald.

You should check it out if you:

  • like reading a story with great dialogue
  • love it when the female lead uses her brain
  • don’t mind when the MCs don’t talk about their feelings

24. The Accidental Heiress

ⓒ Manta Comics/ supia/ doggo

Summary: Riella, a florist, unintentionally draws Duchess Horssen’s attention with her radiant blooms and unexpectedly becomes the heir to her vast wealth. Faced with the wrathful Grand Duke Hann, who seeks to take over the inheritance, Riella is left in a dilemma. She must decide whether she can stand her ground and maintain her newly acquired status. This one is on the list because the Male lead is the most powerful wizard in the country and she has special abilities too.

Check it out if you:

  • love it when the ML falls first
  • like it when everyone loves the female lead – this is a feel-good-read through and through
  • love an enemies-to-lovers relationship, where they become close naturally

25. I was tricked into this fake marriage

ⓒ Tapas Media/ Pearjuice/ Jade

Summary: This story appears to follow a pretty standard Isekai narrative: The female protagonist gets hit by Truck-kun and wakes up in the body of a beautiful noble lady who enters a contract marriage to reach her goals. But!! Although the male protagonist is labeled as a ruthless killer, he is surprisingly nice to the female lead. And their relationship is more than meets the eye.

You should check it out if you:

  • like reading a story, where they get together relatively early and show lots of skinship (but this is the manhwa with the most interruptions of intimate moments ever created)
  • love it when the story has a supernatural touch and a tragic mystery plot
  • don’t mind a pretty creepy and hopeless second male lead, if you can even call him that

26. The villainess Maker is a historical Manhwa with a butler-master dynamic

ⓒ Bulb, Sol Leesu

Summary: Do you like tension? Then this completed Manhwa is for you. This story is also not your typical Romance Isekai. Although our female protagonist tries to change the story, the world she lives in doesn’t let her until she acts like a villainess. In order to accomplish that she makes a deal with the mysterious warlord Killian.

You should read this historical Romance Manhwa out if you:

  • prefer seeing a female lead who struggles but becomes strong in the end
  • love when the main couple has a Butler-Master-dynamic
  • don’t mind when the male lead is pretty pushy (but also very protective)

27. I Am the Real One

historical Romance Manhwa
ⓒ yuun, March / Yeondam

Summary: Keira lived her life as a noble daughter while doing what she believed was right. Although her father was always cold she did everything that was expected of her to become a water elementalist. As a prophecy foretold there can only be one elementalist born in the realm and when Cosette appears and shows her powers everyone suspects that Keira is a fraud. She gets executed in the end but travels back in time. With her second chance, she is determined to change her life.

You should check it out if you:

  • don’t mind not knowing who the male lead is supposed – so the romance is pretty slow
  • like it when the female lead is extremely awkward in social situations
  • love seeing the female lead slowly change and work to open up

28. What’s wrong with you Duke?

Royalty Manhwa recommendation: What's wrong with you Duke?
(c) Eddie/Bandalbanji/TAPAS MEDIA 2020

Summary: This story is about Erin and Rowan – oh wait, let me French this up: This story is about Dreux and Nöel ( I’ll explain this one down below) and their complicated love story. They start off pretty rough: As Dreux tries to kill her a magic spell gets activated which forces him to completely change and declare his love for Nöel. He is so persistent that Nöel marries him but the thing is: his lovely personality “Ru” isn’t like that all the time – there are moments when he can be his usual self and Nöel has to deal with death threats.

Addressing some issues: This one is already finished and there were some critics in the community, so I will write a short review. First of all the comment section on tapas was on fire after the first chapter came out because no one understood why they named them Dreux and Nöel. I don’t like the names either, Erin and Rowan feels way more natural (these are the names from the fan translations) but you eventually get used to it. There were also many readers who didn’t like the ending.

I won’t go into detail because I don’t want to spoil you but it is pretty tragic. I still think it was executed pretty well, there was a plot twist and the story didn’t play out as you would expect from a lighthearted Romance Manhwa. Nevertheless, it is not really the end. There is an epilogue that further shows their relationship and I love that their dynamic completely changes: Now Dreux is the one who chases after Nöel as his real self. Despite the negative comments I still love this Manhwa. The art is great, the female lead is hilarious and I have never seen a dynamic like that between the mcs in a Romance. So I would recommend you check it out if you want to read something funny but sad and refreshing at the same time.

You should read if you:

  • don’t mind a very rough start between the mcs
  • like it when the male lead has two kinds of personalities – and the lovey-dovey one is completely over the top
  • love reading a Manhwa with gorgeous art and a unique plot

29. Beware The Villainess

historical Romance Manhwa

Summary: The female lead reincarnates as the villainess Melissa Foddebrat. She is the daughter of a duke who made many enemies in the past and was pretty clingy. Melissa’s plan is not to turn into a reformed saint but to teach all the idiotic male characters a lesson. And she does so pretty ruthlessly.

You should check it out if you:

  • like to read a Manhwa with a badass female lead – who openly communicates
  • are in need of new Memes
  • love reading a historical Romance Manhwa where the female lead is kind to her friends but crushes her opponents

30. The Lady and the Beast

Royalty Manhwa recommendation: The Lady and the Beast
ⓒ Hongseul, maginot 2020 / D&C WEBTOON Biz

Summary: After a life of bloodshed and heartbreak Empress Martina gets reborn as Astina, a daughter of a count. After her family faces bankruptcy she has to marry Archduke Atalenta who is known as “Terriod the Beast” because of a curse that turns him into a wolf. But Astina isn’t intimidated at all and deals with the situation. The art is pretty unique.

You should read this Royalty Manhwa if you:

  • don’t mind a very cold and collected female lead ( she is unfair to the male lead sometimes) – her stubbornness can be annoying deeper down the story
  • love reading a story with a badass female lead
  • like it when the male lead is the bashful and “needy” one in the relationship

31. Beatrice

ⓒ Cierra, Macherie 2019 / D&C MEDIA

Summary and Review: This one does have some issues, that’s why I will review it, so you know if this one is for you. Alexandro is pretty indifferent to life. He doesn’t mind killing to reach his goals and he is ruthless (especially in the beginning). He lets the female lead Beatrice live and in order not to be killed she disguises herself as a slave under the name “Chloe”. She gets assigned as Alexandros (the Archduke) personal maid and he takes more and more interest in her. Although the male lead is an asshole I still think it’s somehow historically accurate. Often in Manhwas they are titled as war heroes and such but are never shown in action or just have a lovely personality.

Addressing some issues: Alexandro hates people but he hates himself and his past the most. He often thinks about how he would have turned out without abuse in his childhood. That doesn’t mean it excuses his actions but it does make it believable. Chloe on the other hand is very kind, satisfied with the little things, and very bubbly. The author only threw in the Isekai part in order for her to know plants, which was pretty unnecessary in my opinion. Chloe didn’t have much character development so far and I think it will stay that way (which is a pity). I really debated whether I should put this list, but although there are some issues I still enjoyed it. The story is engaging, there are hilarious misunderstandings and the Archduke does get character development.

Royalty Manhwa – You should read if you:

  • don’t mind the Archduke being a ruthless murderer at the beginning and basically an asshole (but maybe that’s exactly your cup of tea?)
  • don’t mind when the female lead doesn’t have a goal of her own – other than surviving
  • like having lots of panels with fanservice (abs – abs everywhere)

Royalty – some additional historical Romance Manhwa recommendations

First Night With the Duke
  • Super Short Review: The female lead gets drunk and sleeps with the male lead – who is not supposed to end up with her. She tries with all her might to get rid of him but comes around eventually.
  • You will get: pretty questionable actions from the fl, a hilarious fl, a persistent ml
The Reason Why Realiana Ended up at the Duke’s Mansion
  • Super Short Review: I know this should be on the list – it’s great. I just didn’t keep up with the story at some point, because it was moving too slowly for a weekly update. Nevertheless, go read it.
  • You will get: slow romance, evil antagonist, a nice mysterious subplot
When the Villainess is in Love
  • Super Short Review: This one is a Reverse Harem. The former villainess tries to save everyone from their death and fangirls heavily while being at it.
  • You will get: Gorgeous art, a hilarious female lead, many male love interests
The villainess is a marionette
  • Super Short Review: In her first life she died pitifully because she was being used by her brother. After going back in time she changes their dynamic and uses him instead.
  • You will get: Godlike art, a scheming female lead, much royal power play
The taming of the tyrant
  • Super Short Review: After taming the tyrant the female lead runs away. The male lead won’t have that though and chases her down.
  • You will get: a needy male lead, a badass female lead who can fight, magic and fairies
The lady I served became a Master – Royal Gender Bender Romance
  • Super Short Review: The female lead got reincarnated but only read half of the book – so she doesn’t know that the male lead has to disguise himself as a woman.
  • You will get: a possessive male lead, a clueless but strong female lead, an interesting dynamic between the MCs
The Villainess Turns the Hourglass
  • Super Short Review: The female lead has the ability to turn back time. She is one of the few “villainesses” that doesn’t reform herself after reincarnating but truly lives for revenge.
  • You will get: a ruthless female lead, a very annoying antagonist, satisfaction out of seeing the fl get revenge
I Fell into a Reverse Harem Game!
  • Super Short Review: The female lead was a ruthless princess who used everyone around her. Now she has to outsmart her enemy.
  • You will get: many love interests, an interesting plot point: the fl sees what the antagonist is doing, abs, abs everywhere
50 tea recipes from the Duchess
  • Super Short Review: After reincarnating the female lead slowly takes charge of her life – with tea. Headache? Tea. Deadly disease? Tea. Political chaos? Tea. – that’s the summary.
  • You will get: tea recipes, a sweet couple with many cute moments, a cold ml who is only kind to the fl
A Common Story of a Lady’s New Life
  • Super Short Review: Everything in this Manhwa is a misunderstanding. The female lead is terrified of the male lead at first and interprets his action very strangely.
  • You will get: very unique art, a clumsy ML, LOTs of misunderstandings (it’s the whole premise)
Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady with the Lamp
  • Super Short Review: After reincarnating the female lead takes her knowledge as a former doctor to good use and revolutionizes medicine in her world.
  • You will get: a FL who can do anything to the point it’s not believable, many panels about medicine, a tsundere ML
A Villainess for the Tyrant
  • Super Short Review: The female lead has to marry the emperor who is supposed to be a tyrant. It just so happens that he immediately likes her.
  • You will get: a VERY fast-paced romance, a sweet fl who has to play rough, a pretty ruthless but sweet ML
I’ll marry Him
  • Super Short Review: The emperor can’t sleep and the female lead comes to the rescue: She has an ability that can put anyone to sleep.
  • You will get: an ML who is dependent on the FL, an FL who falls in love first, a pretty confident but dense FL, nothing special storywise
Just leave me be – a historical Romance with magic
  • Super Short Review: Both the female lead and the male lead are being tortured by their families. They try to change their fate together.
  • You will get: a smart fl who has a special ability, a very caring ml, horrible antagonists that get pretty annoying
The Antagonist’s Pet
  • Super Short Review: The female lead pities the villainess of the story and starts supporting her.
  • You will get: women power, a very submissive FL, a very pragmatic and smart ML
The Great Wish
  • Super Short Review: The female lead has visions of her own future and she tries to put that to good use.
  • You will get: a mature dynamic between the MCs, court intrigue, a very dedicated ML
A Stepmother’s Märchen
  • Super Short Review: A very young girl needs to take care of three children that are almost her age after her much older husband dies.
  • You will get: godlike art, sweet family dynamics, a very devoted ML, very slow progression, better enjoyed binge-reading

You have read all of the above? Here are more historical Romance Manhwa with royalty

If you are a Manhwa reading machine – like I am – and you know all of the above. Here is my last resort of historical Romance Manhwa recommendations:

  • Crown of the deep Green
  • I Dream of Health, Wealth, and a Long Life
  • Lady Evony
  • Lady Chef Royale
  • I Woke Up as the Ugly Duckling
  • A royal princess with black hair
  • My Fair Footman
  • Empress? Empress!
  • Ginger and the Cursed Prince
  • Empress of Another World
  • Adelaide

I only checked out the beginning of these, so I can’t provide you with a proper review. But all of them are pretty popular on Tapas or Tappytoon.

Popular Royalty Manhwa – Should you read them?

I have read all of these and they are entertaining, so you won’t get bored reading these historical Romance Manhwa. But there are some issues I have with these five popular Manhwas.

A Tender Heart: The Story of How I Became a Duke’s Maid

I loved the start, I really did. BUT – and it’s a really big but(ts and I cannot lie) –  the female lead is way too hung up on the original story. She is not the brightest bulb and keeps on insisting he has to meet the original female lead – although she already changed everything. It got so frustrating to the point that I couldn’t take it anymore. And after she finally came around there’s the very annoying crown prince who keeps pestering her and fell for her for no reason. There are many better options out there.

What it takes to be a villainess

This one is a fun read, I don’t have anything against it. But after a certain point, I found myself skimming the story. The male lead has a really horrible start and even after his behavior is explained it doesn’t really feel convincing. The Manhwa is entertaining but in my opinion, it’s kind of shallow – there is no emphasis on feelings.

Daisy: How to become the Duke’s Fiancé

Daisy is a great female lead and this Comic is a fun read. I just found that the pacing is a bit off. There are about 5 chapters dedicated to her convincing the duke to marry her and then a bit later we get about 15 chapters focusing on a designer that the fl wants to recruit – which feels like a side story.

This villainess wants a divorce

This one is a great read if you don’t mind a pretty frustrating female lead. She literally forces herself not to have feelings and as a reader, you can’t really understand why. It does get better though, so if you are willing to read through the middle part pretty fast, it will still entertain you.

The Abandoned Empress

I’m pretty sad about this one. I loved Abandoned Empress and I wouldn’t have cared with whom she ends up with, because it is an interesting story. But apparently, some hardcore fans were sending threats to the author, and additionally, the author had a dispute with the artist, so the story just got wrapped up pretty heartlessly. I can’t recommend this story to anyone if you don’t want to get really disappointed at the end.

Royalty Manhwa with very little to no Romance but much politics and intrigue

I have read all of these Royalty Manhwa and they are freaking amazing. I really recommend you check them out. Especially Lout of Counts Family is interesting because it is one of the few royalty Manhwa from a male’s perspective.

  • The Remarried Empress
  • Your Throne
  • Lout of Counts Family
  • The Monstrous Duke’s Adopted Daughter
  • Who Made Me a Princess
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  4. This is the most comprehensive list I’ve ever come across, thank you!
    I agree with all of these but I’d like to add “What it means to be you” as one of my all time favorites
    The misunderstandings can be incredibly frustrating but I love both the fl and the ml and the art is gorgeous.
    Oh another one in the misunderstandings department is “White deer Ingrid!” There’s a lot of sexual content so a warning for that but the relationship development between them is really satisfying.

  5. do u know this manga or webtoon (i don’t exactly remember) where the female lead goes back in time and the male lead has a mask that covers a part of his face? 😅

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    1. Hey Silver! Thanks for your comments! That’s a nice topic, I will put it on my list. I had many things going on but in May I will start writing regularly again 🙂 Would you like me to include Manga too, or are you interested in just Manhwa?

  8. Newcomer here and I rarely ever comment since I’m usually too embarrassed but this site helped me get to know so many amazing new Manhwas and I was wondering if you could extend your modern Manhwhas list. I zoomed through all of em and the historical list was thoroughly reviewed but unfortunately I read every single one em already :(. Except abandoned Empress, well that’s cuz I heard about the forced ending so I didn’t really want to try it out. If you see this comment and actually extend the list, just know you made someone’s day:D

    1. Hey Sherzy! I’m happy that you like my lists (your comments made my day). I would love to extend the Romance Manhwa list, but I can’t say when I will get to it. In the meantime, you could check out: Reunion (new on Webtoons, godlike artstyle), Sixth Sense Kiss (wacky storytelling, but interesting plot), Edith (interesting artstyle but kind of frustrating main characters, they have a lot of mental issues) and Freaking Romance (it’s completed on Webtoons, you’ll have to read it with daily pass. It’s in a modern setting with a fantasy-twist. The ending is not the best but all in all it is a great read)

  9. What’s up?!.. I really enjoyed reading the comments and because of the recommendations I guess I’ve many comics to read. I’m very happy of this recommendations. Thank you!

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