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In these parts of my website, you will find several recommendations for Romance Manga and Romance Manhwa focused on various topics. I try to recommend mostly works that were published in the last decade. Enjoy exploring! 

Best Romance Webtoons 2021 – Top 10 List

In this article, I want to show you my list of best Romance Webtoons to read 2021. Technically the term Webtoons refers to all Manhwa, Manhua, and Manga that can be read officially online but in this list, you will only find my favorites from the Webtoon App. I also only picked Webtoons that have the Romance Tag. All of these are ongoing.

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Romance Manhwa with scary girl – 3 recommendations

In this article, I want to give you three Manhwa recommendations where the girl has a scary face. I really love these kinds of characters. I always crack up when they try to show their happiness and end up just being creepy. Often it is the guy that has this kind of problem – especially in Shoujo Manga. However, in this list, you will get three recommendations, where the girl is the one that struggles.

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Villainess Manhwa recommendations where the “villainess” is actually a villainess

There are many Villainess Manhwas out there and I must admit, that I love that premise, although it is a bit (alright alright VERY) overused by now. Most of the time someone reincarnates in the body of the villainess and completely changes her ways and she becomes kind of a saint or at least a „good girl“. Even when they just go back in time, they often leave their villainous side behind. While I love reading a good redemption story, it’s also nice to have a change of pace. With these 5 Villainess Manhwa recommendations, you can read about an actual villainess – or at least a scheming and manipulative female lead.

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Romance Webtoons with unique art

Perceiving art as good or bad is very subjective. Nevertheless, I wanted to make a List of Romance Webtoons with unique art. Where you get the feeling of not having seen this style before or at least not that often. I really hope you enjoy these five Romance Webtoons and Manhwa recommendations.

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Romance Manhwa where the main characters need an ability from each other

This Romance Manhwa list contains 5 Comics, where the female or the male lead need some kind of ability from one another to feel better. The number one spot was very clear for me: It’s flirting with the Villain’s Dad. Yerenika may be weak but she is really funny and tries her best to save everyone she knows from the original novel. The interactions between Euredian and Yerenika are very sweet and start very early.

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Best new Shoujo Manga – Top 5

There are many Shoujo Mangas out there but Romance enthusiasts like myself are always searching for something new. That’s why I wanted to give you a Top 5 list of one of my favorite new Shoujo Manga that came out in the last five years and transmit a mature or relaxing feeling. Where the male leads communicate, have reasonable thoughts and the relationship feels natural.

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