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Best Romance Webtoons 2021 – Top 10 List

In this article, I want to show you my list of best Romance Webtoons 2021. Technically the term Webtoons refers to all Manhwa, Manhua, and Manga that can be read officially online but in this list, you will only find my favorites from the Webtoon App. I also only picked Webtoons that have the Romance Tag. You can read all of these legally for free and there is a new chapter every week (This sounds like an ad, but I promise it is not!!). I picked all of these based on the Romance factor and my preference (of course). Some of these Romance Webtoons like: Seasons of Blossom and My Gently Raised Beast are pretty new but have a lot of potential. All of these Webtoons are ongoing. I will probably make another list with completed Romance Webtoons on the App. Read all these Romance Webtoons here.

Best Romance Webtoons 2021: Midnight Poppy Land

Midnight Poppy Land Review
© WEBTOON Entertainment Inc. / Lilydusk

Summary: Poppy and Tora meet by chance because Poppy has a little accident with her scooter in the countryside. When she picks up the scattered insides of her bag (a report she did for work) she also picks up some pages she wasn’t meant to see. Tora who works for the Mafia wants to retrieve these pages because they contain dangerous information and starts following her.

Why I like this Webtoon: I especially love the pacing of Midnight Poppy Land and how the author Lilydusk takes her time to really show the reader the feelings of the characters. Read my full review here: Midnight Poppy Land.

You should read if you:

  • love it when the main characters tease each other a lot
  • like to see a female lead with realistic body proportions
  • love to read a Love-Story where all the characters don’t mind swearing and the whole premise is kind of dark

Romance Webtoons Recommendations: Down to Earth

© WEBTOON Entertainment Inc. / Pookie Senpai

Summary: Kade is a pretty introverted guy that lives his everyday life alone. One night he hears a big crashing sound and goes outside to check what happened in his backyard – only to find a girl flying straight out of her Ufo and fainting. That’s Zaida. He brings her home and after she regains consciousness she has one request: She asks Kade to teach her, how to be an earthling. Read: here.

© WEBTOON Entertainment Inc. / Pookie Senpai

Why I like this Webtoon: Kade is very pessimistic in the beginning and his thoughts are mostly negative. After Zaida comes into his life, he opens up his world and slowly comes out of his shell. Read my full review here: Down to Earth.

You should read if you:

  • like it, when almost all the characters have a punk rock feel to them
  • love reading comics, with cohabitation right from the start
  • like to read about a male lead, that is slowly coming out of his shell

Best Romance Webtoons to read 2021: Lore Olympus

© WEBTOON Entertainment Inc. / Rachel Smythe

Summary: Lore Olympus tells the Taking of Persephone from Greek mythology in a very unique way. Persephone and Hades are the protagonists but we also meet many other gods like Zeus, Hera, Hermes, Apollo, and so on. All of them have unique characters while still keeping some of the traits and connections from the Greek myths.

Why I like this Webtoon: Lore Olympus is a story like no other. I have never read a Webtoon that is quite like this – from the problems the Gods have, to the delivery of their feelings. Lore Olympus is the most popular Romance Webtoon on the platform, but because of what happened to Persephone on chapter 24 I couldn’t quite let myself get immersed so much into the story.

You should read if you:

  • are interested in Greek Mythology and want to learn about it in a unique way
  • don’t mind a very slow burn
  • love it when a story has many different characters and perspectives

Swimming Lessons for a Mermaid – Romance Webtoon recommendations

© WEBTOON Entertainment Inc. / YONGCHAN

Summary: Although Choa is a mermaid she can’t swim. After trying several times she trades her tail for human legs and starts to live with her Dad on land (this happens before the start of the Webtoon). She stills loves the ocean and water though. One day she goes to the pool alone and accidentally falls in because Soo surprises her. After finding out her secret Soo makes her an offer: he wants to teach her how to swim.

Why I like this Webtoon: I love the humor of this Webtoon. Although Choa may seem kind of cold in the beginning she gets a lot of character development and opens up to her surroundings. Even Icelyn changes her attitude towards Choa and reflects on her actions and I really like that.

You should read if you:

  • like it when the female lead has a secret identity
  • love reading a good love triangle
  • like reading about friendship and character development

SubZero: a Romance Webtoon with an interesting side story

© WEBTOON Entertainment Inc. / Junepurrr

Summary: Clove is the last princess of the nearly extinct Azure Dragon Clan. To bring peace between the two Dragon Clans and protect her people she forces herself to marry her sworn Enemy Kyro. Their first encounter is pretty rough but they slowly open up to one another.

Why I like this Webtoon: Subzero doesn’t focus just on the Romance although it is a Romance Webtoon. The plot is very interesting and even almost 90 Episodes in you don’t really know who the antagonist really is and the mystery is still going strong.

You should read if you:

  • like it when the main characters first hate each other
  • love yourself some political intrigue
  • like the forced marriage trope

Best Romance Webtoons 2021: My gently raised beast (This will become my favorite I think)

© WEBTOON Entertainment Inc. /Yeoseulki/Early Flower/Teava

Summary: Blondina was alone and abused after her mother died. One day she gets picked up by her estranged father, the emperor of Ates. She gets to live in the palace but everyone – even her siblings – is showing her the cold shoulder. This changes when she meets the cat-like being Amon – a member of the divine leopard clan. They form a deep friendship although the clan and humans have struggled to live in harmony for a very long time.

Why I like this Romance Webtoon: First of all I was really impressed with how the animals are drawn. Additionally, I really love the dynamic between Amon and Blondina. First, he is really cold and hesitant but he warms up pretty quickly to her and they become friends. I like how protective he is of her but how Blondina is a really strong character on her own and stands her ground.

You should check it out if you:

  • like reading about a very confident and demanding but really caring male lead
  • love seeing the female dealing with annoying and mean siblings – she is mentally strong
  • just like seeing beautifully drawn cats getting pet and cuddled
© WEBTOON Entertainment Inc. /Yeoseulki/Early Flower/Teava

Nice to meet you: a fluffy and funny read

© WEBTOON Entertainment Inc. / wishroomness

Summary: Mew is a pretty carefree university student. One day she finds the student card of Daze, but instead of just handing his card over to the lost and found office, she leaves her card instead: „Because it’d be funny“ as she says. In the process of exchanging the items, Daze’s card is destroyed and he gets pretty annoyed. But after that incident, he keeps encountering Mew on Campus and they get closer.

Why I like this Webtoon: I love the art style – it looks a bit like it’s drawn with charcoal, which is pretty refreshing. I also love Mew’s character. She is neither particularly strong, smart or witty and just tries her best. She seems like a pretty gullible female lead but apparently, there is a backstory, we don’t yet know of.

You should check it out if you:

  • like reading about a quirky female lead
  • love it, when the handsome guy falls for the outsider (of some sort)
  • don’t mind some mild unnecessary Drama (Season 1 Finale, I’m talking about you)

They bicker but still like each other: To love your Enemy – Best Romance Webtoons 2021

© WEBTOON Entertainment Inc. / Jungyoon/Taegeon

Summary: Yeonhee Bae had her fair share of unfortunate events in her life. After getting caught up in a pyramid scheme she tries to change her ways by getting a fresh start in college. But it’s not that simple. Yikyung Lee also studies at the same university – a guy who seems to hold a grudge against her. She doesn’t want her old life to get exposed so she tries to find out what Info he has on her and somehow they slowly get closer.

© WEBTOON Entertainment Inc. / Jungyoon/Taegeon

Why I like this Webtoon: The dynamic between Yikyung and Yeonhee is pretty funny. I really love that the male lead is the bashful one in this relationship and Yeonhee is pretty straightforward – although she can be shy too. To love your enemy starts off slow, but gets really good in the middle. In the recent chapters, there are some issues with miscommunication but it gets resolved rather quickly – thankfully.

You should read if you:

  • like to see love develop from a very rough start
  • love it when the male lead is the shy one
  • like reading Manhwa about college life

Best Romance Webtoons 2021: Antistalker

© WEBTOON Entertainment Inc. / Vokivormok

Summary: The story revolves around Kira and August. They are childhood friends but Kira doesn’t have any memories of their time together. They both go to a mixed school where vampires, werewolves, and humans study together. In the first chapter, Kira finds a weird doll in her locker and comes to the conclusion that August is her stalker. Although that is not true, he lets her believe that, in order to get closer to her.

Why I like this Romance Webtoon: I really love the unique art style of this comic. I know I go on and on about dynamic…BUT the dynamic between August and Kira is really nice. Kira tries to push August away but feels herself getting drawn to him. Meanwhile August has to endure the rejection because of her memory loss. The story is interesting and they have the potential to be a power couple.

You should read if you:

  • like reading about a very strong female lead
  • love it when the male lead kind of sacrifices himself for the female lead
  • like to see some plot twists along the way

A new Romance Webtoon: Seasons of Blossom

© WEBTOON Entertainment Inc. / Hongduck/Nemone

Summary: This Romance Webtoon is a high school love story about unrequited love, fake relationships, and friendships and a story about two opposites getting to know each other.

Do I like this Romance Webtoon? There are only 11 chapters yet and normally I really don’t like the „my friend is in love with the same guy like me, so I pretend to be in love with someone else“-trope but this Webtoon makes it work. I really like the characters so far, so it deserved a place on this ranking. The dialogue is written pretty well.

You should read if you:

  • love it, when the male lead is very direct and seems kind of cold
  • like it, when the female lead is liked by everyone but lets herself go with the male lead (I can’t really say who is the first and the second male lead at this point though)
  • reading a Romance Webtoon with wholesome friendships

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