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Romance Manhwa with scary girl – 3 recommendations

In this article, I want to give you three Romance Manhwa recommendations with a scary girl or lets say where the girl has a scary face. I really love these kinds of characters. I always crack up when they try to show their happiness and end up just being creepy. Often it is the guy that has this kind of problem – especially in Shoujo Manga. However, in this list, you will get three recommendations, where the girl is the one that struggles.

Manhwa recommendations where the girl has a scary face: I’m A Stepmother, But My Daughter Is Just Too Cute!

© Kakao Corp./ Yir/Dinorex

Summary: This Manhwa tells the story of Snow White in a completely different and unique way. Some elements are the same: the evil stepmother (Abigail), the abused daughter (Blanche), and the mirror on the wall. However many things are different: after reincarnating Abigail doesn’t want to keep being the evil stepmother. She is still completely obsessed with Blanche, but only because of her cuteness. She calls out everyone in the castle who mistreats her – including her father. Blanche and even the King slowly start to open up to her.

Short Review: First I thought the story is just another Villainess Isekai, where the new mother dotes on a child – without much depth or originality. But after about six chapters I was hooked. The start is a bit slow but Abigail is really funny and I love her expressions. What I also find very nice, ist that the male lead isn’t cold „just because“. He has Trauma and I am sure everything will be explained further into the story. Every character seems to have genuine reactions and you can feel, why they act the way they do, which means that the storytelling is quite good.

Why is this on the list?

When Abigail tries to smile she just looks creepy. I love that her creepy face is not just talked about, but shown pretty often.

© Kakao Corp./ Yir/Dinorex

You should check it out if you:

  • like reading a Manhwa with great art – I especially love how the expressions are drawn
  • love it when the villainess does a full 180 – but only for one character (Blanche)
  • like it when the male lead is pretty cold but tries to change his ways

Manhwa Beware the Villainess! – Melissa uses her scary face wisely


Summary: A college student reincarnates into the novel „The Man I Love“, where she has to live as the villainess Melissa from now on. The female lead Yuri is surrounded by multiple love interests who are quite intense. Melissa doesn’t care about the plot and her new mission is to protect Yuri. „All idiots, prepare to step aside or perish!“ is her Motto. Read here: tapas.

Short Manhwa-Review:

Melissa is very lovable, although she is pretty ruthless – but only to those who misbehave in her eyes. She has plans for every male lead and disposes of them in her own way, which is hilarious. I love getting immersed into the story and Memes can be hindering for that, but Beware the Villainess is a comedy that uses many Internet references. However, there are still many serious moments, so it is a very good read.

Romance Manhwa recommendations with scary girl: Why is this on the list?

Melissa has the „face of a villainess“ as she calls it and looks very fierce. Her smile also doesn’t look very charming most of the time. Here is an example:


You should check it out if you:

  • don’t mind a very late start for the Romance (Melissa is pretty dense on that topic)
  • like it when a story implements Memes
  • love seeing the female lead torturing the male protagonists of the original novel

Do you want more Villainess Manhwa recommendations? Check out this list: Villainess Manhwa.

Romance Manhwa recommendations with scary girl: Your Smile is a Trap

© WEBTOON Entertainment Inc. /Aengo

Summary: Ex-idol trainee Kiyu was very successful with his previous band but didn’t really choose that life for himself. He makes the decision to leave that life behind and live as an ordinary high school boy. In order to do that he decides to use glasses that cover up his beautiful face. Unfortunately, his cover gets blown pretty quickly but his only goal is to keep a low profile and to make genuine friends. His first „target“ is his neighbor Lily. She has a permanent scowl on her face and distances herself from others. But Kiyu wants to get closer to her. Read here: Webtoons.

Short Manhwa-Review:

I loved the beginning of Your Smile is a trap. Although the story is fun it has a really sad undertone: Kiyu just wants to have friends but the girls who approach him only do so because they saw a glimpse of his real face. I really hope they will get some more character development. Lily is the only character in school who seems genuinely interested in Kiyus wellbeing.

Manhwa with scary girl: Why is this on the list?

Lily inherited her terrifying face from her father and that’s why she grew out her bangs and is always alone at school. It’s not only when she tries to smile, her face just looks fierce all the time and I love that it’s also drawn like that.

© WEBTOON Entertainment Inc. /Aengo

You should read if you:

  • don’t mind when the story moves pretty slowly
  • like it when the female lead is the cold and cool one and the male lead is the shy and insecure one
  • like to read a story that challenges the thought of superficiality

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