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Romance Manhwa where the main characters need an ability from each other

This Romance Manhwa list contains 5 Comics, where the female or the male lead need some kind of ability from one another to feel better. The number one spot was very clear for me: It’s flirting with the Villain’s Dad. Yerenika may be weak but she is really funny and tries her best to save everyone she knows from the original novel. The interactions between Euredian and Yerenika are very sweet and start very early.

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Best new Shoujo Manga – Top 5

There are many Shoujo Mangas out there but Romance enthusiasts like myself are always searching for something new. That’s why I wanted to give you a Top 5 list of one of my favorite new Shoujo Manga that came out in the last five years and transmit a mature or relaxing feeling. Where the male leads communicate, have reasonable thoughts and the relationship feels natural.

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Horses in Romance Manhwa

Hey guys! Do you know what makes or breaks a good Romance Manhwa? Exactly – horses. I’m kidding of course but one of the main reasons I love to read comics is the art. Therefore it’s especially funny if you see very nice art like in „Flirting with the Villain’s dad“ and then – completely out of the blue – comes a horse that looks like it wants to throw itself off a bridge. I’m not here to bash someone’s art, I think the artists of these comics do a great job! Nevertheless, in today’s article, I’ll show you some funny examples of horses in Romance Manhwa.

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