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Shoujo Manga Review: Koiwazurai no Ellie aka Lovesick Ellie

(C) Fujimomo / Kodansha Ltd.

This Shoujo Manga Review is about Lovesick Ellie or Koi wazurai no Ellie (恋わずらいのエリ) in Japanese.

  • Artist: Fujimomo
  • Publisher: Kodansha Comics – Read the official here: Lovesick Ellie.
  • Status: Completed (12 Volumes)

Short Summary:

(C) Fujimomo / Kodansha Ltd.

Shoujo Manga Review: Koiwazurai no Ellie aka Lovesick Ellie – Overview

Jokes aside, here’s the real summary:

Ichimura Eriko is an unpopular girl who loves to fantasize about things – mostly about one boy. His name is Akira Ohmi and due to his polite and kind personality, he is extremely popular at the school they both go to. With her alter ego she repeatedly tweets about him and their non-existent relationship.

This is how Ellie sees them:

(C) Fujimomo / Kodansha Ltd.

Although everyone sees him like this, Ohmi has a secret: In reality, he is „rude“ (for Japanese standards I guess), rough in his way of speech, and has an arrogant attitude. He is also not honest with his feelings at all. In the first few panels Shoujo-magic happens and Eriko „walks in“ (the door gives in while she’s eavesdropping and she falls into the room) on a conversation between Ohmi and the teacher (who is also his uncle), hence she discovers his true self.

After that little fiasco she tries to run away but – of course – her phone fell out of her pocket and Ohmi chases her to give back her phone. While picking it up he saw Eriko’s latest tweet so – you probably guessed by now: he tells „pervy Ellie“ to keep his true personality hidden, in exchange for him to keep her secret. Their little secret is the base for many funny and awkward situations and for them to keep growing closer.


Short Manga-Review: These events happen in the first panels of the story but you get the gist. Lovesick Ellie is a really fun and fluffy read with almost no Drama – at least nothing gets dragged out for too long. So if you are searching for a lighthearted Romance-Manga with many cute moments I would recommend you start reading right away.

If you want a more in-depth review with minor spoilers you can keep reading! If not – have fun reading fellow human. It’s dangerous to go alone: take this:

Shoujo Manga: More in-depth Review – Koiwazurai no Ellie aka Lovesick Ellie

Eriko is a girl who constantly puts herself down with thoughts like „someone like me“, „I’m invisible“, etc., etc. and tells herself she can’t fit in with the „normal“ girls in her school. With her Alter Ego Ellie she has found an outlet for all her jumbled thoughts and her suppressed personality, which I find really nice.

Everyone should be able to express themselves – be it in real life or via the internet if they don’t have the courage to go all out in their social circle. Omi – although on a completely different level – has kind of the same issue as her. He thinks he has to be a perfect boy, who smiles a lot and doesn’t really say what’s on his mind.

Both of them have much character development throughout the manga and they learn to accept themselves for who they are and learn to open up to people without the fear of being judged. First, they think that no one understands their struggle, but then they learn, that that’s not the case. They give each other confidence as the Romance Manga progresses and help each other grow.

(C) Fujimomo / Kodansha Ltd.

Although their relationship goes from 0 to 100 real quick, it still doesn’t feel forced in my opinion. In every chapter, you get a cute and awkward interaction between them and if it’s not in „real life“, at least Ellie always delivers with her fantasies. Their interactions are really fun to read and Ellie keeps lusting after Ohmi throughout the Manga.

(C) Fujimomo / Kodansha Ltd.

The side characters are not the strong suit of this Shoujo Manga but they are entertaining. The way Sara is introduced is pretty nice: First, the author makes you think that she is superficial and only approaches Ellie to get closer to Ohmi – that’s not the case though. BUT, I find her way of interacting with Reo (Sara’s childhood friend) a bit too much. I know, that’s how a Tsundere is – but still. Poor Reo does everything for her, he even changed his style to appear as a delinquent to protect her. Thankfully she also gets some character development and is more honest to herself later on.

(C) Fujimomo / Kodansha Ltd.

Kaname-Kun is introduced as the love-rival in volume 4 and tries to get closer to Eriko. He is socially awkward and says what’s on his mind and is the number one follower of Ellies Social Media Account. After he finds out that Eriko is Lovesick Ellie he approaches her and wants to be friends, although he develops feelings pretty quickly.

Personally, I like his awkwardness and how he really tries to better himself to understand others – that’s why I find it sad, that he gets kind of tossed aside as the story goes on. Thankfully he gets a Bonus chapter in Volume 12.

Closing remarks: Basically Lovesick Ellie is about the awesome relationship between Eriko and Ohmi and how Eriko constantly thinks about „climbing the ladder to adulthood“ as she puts it. So embrace the cringe, have a laugh, and relax to this awesome lighthearted Shoujo-Manga.

Support the creator on Instagram: Fuji Momo (I hope this is an official account, tell me if you know otherwise pls)

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