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Horses in Romance Manhwa

Hey guys! Do you know what makes or breaks a good Romance Manhwa? Exactly – horses. I’m kidding of course but one of the main reasons I love to read comics is the art. Therefore it’s especially funny if you see very nice art like in „Flirting with the Villain’s dad“ and then – completely out of the blue – comes a horse that looks like it wants to throw itself off a bridge. I’m not here to bash someone’s art, I think the artists of these comics do a great job! Nevertheless, in today’s article, I’ll show you some funny examples of horses in Romance Manhwa.

Horses in Romance Manhwa

Let’s start with a good example. It’s from „I Stan the Prince“. I think the horses in this Manhwa are drawn very nicely. But there was one example with no eyes, where the horse looks like it’s suffering a bit. So here:

ⓒ zoo sun

The next example is from “Priscillas Marriage proposal

(c) Tappytoon / Lim Seo-rim / Merona

He looks like a little reindeer with his hair standing up. He doesn’t look that different from the other art style, but I love the enthusiastic WHINNY.

Let’s stay on the topic of horse-noises if you can call it that. This neighing horse from “The Villainess Lives Again” is the derpiest thing I have seen in all the Romance Manhwas I have read. From the looks of it, even Cedric knows what’s up:

ⓒ 2020. golemfactory / Mint, PEACHBERRY


And then there is this thing from “Flirting with the Villain’s Dad“:

(c) TAPAS MEDIA 2020 / via / dalseul
(c) TAPAS MEDIA 2020 / via / dalseul

I think there is some kind of horse generator for artists, or at least, that’s how it looks, but I couldn’t find anything in my research. They look like little aliens that don’t know what they are doing with these awkward Manga characters.

And one last example from “The Villains Savior“.

(c) Tappytoon / Zetson / Myoung rang / YeonSeulA

All I think when seeing this horse is “PLEASE HELP ME”. And to finish this post off, you’ll get my take on these lovely animals:


I hope I could brighten up your day with these silly horses!

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