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Positively Yours Manhwa Review – characters, art and storytelling

Do you want to read a Manhwa with a rich and dreamy male lead and a pretty passive and pragmatic female lead? Then Positively Yours could be your thing. Keep reading for more insights into the story and the characters.

  • Status: Ongoing
  • Chapters: 52
  • Author: Kang ki and Lee yung
  • Tags on tapas: Romance, Drama, Slice of life

Official summary on tapas: „To Hee-won’s dismay, the BFF she crushed on and her other BFF are now dating! Seriously bummed, Hee-won decides to go wild just one time, and find solace with a handsome stranger. A very satisfying one-night affair has now turned into more — she’s pregnant! Fate brings them together again, and now the regimented Doo-joon is determined to do the right thing and marry her. But they’re basically strangers! Except… their bodies have been very intimately acquainted. What’s this mother-to-be to do?“ Read the Manhwa here: Tapas.

Positively Yours: An overview of the characters

The main protagonists are Hee-won and Doo-joon. Here is an overview of some of the other characters with one quote that kind of defines them:

(c) TAPAS MEDIA 2020 / kang ki / Lee jung

Hee-won „What does he want…?

(c) TAPAS MEDIA 2020 / kang ki / Lee jung

Doo-joon „I hope you get home safely and will see you tomorrow

(c) TAPAS MEDIA 2020 / kang ki / Lee jung

Min-Wook: „Hee-Won is like family

(c) TAPAS MEDIA 2020 / kang ki / Lee jung

Mi-Ran: „Min-wooks technique is impeccable“ (she means well but can be insensitive)

(c) TAPAS MEDIA 2020 / kang ki / Lee jung

Se-hyun „Why do I feel like this?

(c) TAPAS MEDIA 2020 / kang ki / Lee jung

Tae-woo „Se-hyun Kang, What are you doing“?

The first chapters of the Manhwa

After finding out that her two best friends are dating Hee-Won gets really depressed. She feels betrayed and regretful because she had feelings for one of her best friends (Min-wook) for almost a decade but didn’t tell him anything.

(c) TAPAS MEDIA 2020 / kang ki / Lee jung

She then went into a bar to sleep with someone, but the night has consequences: she gets pregnant. As chance would have it she meets the stranger (Doo-joon) again – at her doctor’s appointment. Through that, he finds out that she is pregnant, assumes that he is the father, and asks her if that is the case. Although Hee-Won is not honest and lies to him Doo-Jon stays persistent and eventually finds out the truth.

You should check it out if you:

  • like reading about a cold and pragmatic female lead
  • love it when the male lead does everything for the female lead – and I mean everything
  • like it, when the Manhwa starts with a one-night-stand
  • want to read a story with a male protagonist with zero flaws
  • like to see love develop from a (kind of forced) relationship
  • don’t mind when the female lead is still hung up on someone else in the beginning
  • like reading a modern Romance with very calm and collected characters – the storytelling is very calm too
  • don’t mind the occasional miscommunication (they don’t talk about feelings) and Drama (a stalker appears, mean coworkers)

Positively Yours: My thoughts on this Manhwa

Storytelling (MINOR SPOILERS)

Kang Ki takes his (or her ? I’m not sure) time to show the emotions and thoughts of each character in a certain situation. Positively yours doesn’t feel rushed and there are several panels for one situation – sometimes even one whole chapter. For me, that’s a sign of good storytelling.

On one occasion the writing could be considered lazy: The stalker incident kind of came out of the blue because the reasons behind her actions (I won’t mention her name, because I don’t want to spoil you too much) were not quite clear to me. Thankfully it was resolved very quickly but that made me think even more, why it had to be implemented. But other than that, I love the pacing of the story.


The art looks a bit scribbly sometimes. What I mean is: there are often more strokes for one line. There are not many variations in their expression but that is due to the character’s personalities and. There are some chibi sequences or panels where the faces aren’t drawn very detailed. This is what I mean:

(c) TAPAS MEDIA 2020 / kang ki / Lee jung

I still think the art is top-notch. Especially the anatomy and the perspectives are on point. Do you want to read Manhwa with godlike art? Check out these Manhwa recommendations.


Rich, handsome, caring, generous – that’s Doo-joon. On top of that, he doesn’t shy away from conflict and insists on taking responsibility for his one-nigh-tstand with Hee-won. He doesn’t give up, although Hee-won is very cold to him and hands her everything on a silver platter. He is definitely the active part of the relationship: from keeping contact to initiating kisses.

(c) TAPAS MEDIA 2020 / kang ki / Lee jung

Passive, leery, pragmatic, focused – that’s Hee-won. She loved one of her best friends (Min-wook) for about ten years and had to watch him get together with her other best friend Mi-ran. She never told either of them how she feels though. That shows how extremely passive Hee-won is. She is also very distrustful of Doo-joon at first and tries to keep him away from her. As a reader, you can understand that she suffers from Trauma and that’s why she acts like that, but it can sometimes get too much. She can also be sweet and quirky in her own way though.

(c) TAPAS MEDIA 2020 / kang ki / Lee jung

All the characters in Positively Yours seem very calm and collected -except for Mi-ran. She is a whirlwind. Although they let loose on some occasions.

If you want to know more about the characters and what the artist has to say about their character traits you can check out the special announcement on tapas.

Review and Conclusion of Positively Yours

To be honest I almost dropped this Manhwa. Hee-wons passiveness was so extremely overwhelming that it got on my nerves. And of course, prince charming Doo-joon doesn’t even questions her but accepts everything she does. He just keeps waiting and giving. It felt frustrating at some point. BUT!! It does get better. Hee-won gets a lot of character development and starts thinking about her weariness.

(c) TAPAS MEDIA 2020 / kang ki / Lee jung

There is even one whole chapter dedicated to her thoughts, why she wants to change, and how she wants to be more open with Doo-joon. Now I’m happy that I didn’t drop it because their confessions were so sweet and genuine and most important of all: believable. I am curious how Positively Yours will unfold but I really hope that we get to see how Hee-won starts to invest in the relationship and has a more active part.

So if you are like me you should definitely give this story a chance as it gets better. And if you want to read a story with flawless male lead Positively Yours will be right up your alley.

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