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Is there Romance in Unholy Blood? (all their moments) SPOILERS

Is there Romance in Unholy Blood?

Unholy Blood is not a Romance Webtoon. But there are two main characters who go awfully well with each other. Let me get my hammer and some nails to finish my ship real quick. There is not much left.

  • Episodes: 70+
  • Creators: Lina Im /Jeonghyeon Kim
  • Where to read? Webtoons.

So is there Romance in Unholy Blood or not? Let me answer this question for you: Yes, but it is subtle till now. This article will not be a review. It will be an overview of their intimate moments. So please do not read, if you haven’t read Unholy Blood yet as this article contains heavy spoilers.

For those of you who don’t care about spoilers and have no clue what this comic is about, but somehow stumbled upon my article: here is a quick and super-short summary.

Summary: Hayan just wants to live her life as a normal college girl but there are more and more vampires who terrorize humans. One day her whole world gets thrown upside down and her family home is destroyed. On that day she starts walking on a thorny path to get revenge – as the last pureblood vampire.

Unholy Blood (Webtoons)/White Blood (fan-translations) – who are the main love interests?

Euntae Hwang
ⓒ Lina Im /Jeonghyeon Kim/ WEBTOON

Euntae Hwang is a vampire himself – although it is revealed later in the story. He is the captain of the Criminals Investigations Division and his goal is to catch all vampires.

  • Character traits: hard to read, strong sense of justice, quirky
Hayan Park
ⓒ Lina Im /Jeonghyeon Kim/ WEBTOON

In her human form, Hayan Park has brown hair but later in the story, she stays only as a vampire with white hair. She is the last pureblood vampire and lost her parents at an early age.

  • Character traits: bubbly, cheerful, badass, strong

Is there Romance in Unholy Blood? Hayan x Euntae – their first interactions

In the first chapter, Euntae saves Hayan from some thugs in the neighborhood. Hayan thanks him and he asks her how he can get to the nearest police station. The hilarious thing is: Hayan had a plastic bag around her head to not reveal herself in front of the thugs. Euntae doesn’t mind.

ⓒ Lina Im /Jeonghyeon Kim/ WEBTOON

The next day he invites her to lunch. He obviously has a hunch that Hayan is a vampire and keeps pushing her. Hayan tries hiding her secret but ends up barfing out her meal afterward. After Hayan gets her revenge on her first target she is surrounded by policemen – including Euntae. The moment he sees who stands in front of him he tells Hayan to hit him and run away. After that, they meet up at night and decide to partner up in order to kill all vampires.

When Hayan asks him why he helped her, Euntae answers: “I refuse to believe that anyone who likes sticky rice bread could be a bad person”. That’s exactly like him. He always diffuses hard questions in that manner. At the end of the chapter Euntae invites Hayan to live with him.

Hayan x Euntae: All the romantic moments in Unholy Blood

Is there romance in Unholy Blood? After reading this overview, you will definitely know. They have lots of moments where they build trust and their friendship grows, as they spend much time with each other. I am going to show you their major bonding moments that also have a hint of romance.

Chapter 17: After Hayan starts living with Euntae he starts his usual morning routine half-naked and is completely startled when he sees Hayan. His reactions are hilarious.

Is there romance in Unholy Blood?
ⓒ Lina Im /Jeonghyeon Kim/ WEBTOON

Chapter 27: This is the first time that it’s shown how proud Euntae is of her. After a victim answers him if he isn’t worried about the situation, he tells her: “You need to give Hayan more credit. She’s much stronger than you think.”

Chapter 31 is a turning point for them. After Hayan finds out that Euntae is a vampire she gets suspicious and asks him if he had deceived her all this time. He promises to tell her everything if she wins in a fight against him. They end up fighting and the owner of the restaurant finds them like that:

Is there romance in Unholy Blood?
ⓒ Lina Im /Jeonghyeon Kim/ WEBTOON

Obviously, she thinks they are a couple who couldn’t keep their hands off each other and she asks them to leave. Just look at the art. It’s extremely gorgeous. Go further to read more Manhwa with good art.

Chapter 37: Hayan talks to Euntaes sister and helps the two of them reconcile.

Chapter 38: In order to celebrate their reconciliation Hayan decorates the roof garden by herself and tells Euntae his sister did it. After his sister tells him about her actions, Euntae is moved.

Chapter 41: Their enemy has the ability to transform her body and completely look like other people. In this case, she transforms herself to look like Hayan and goes to see Euntae. He recognizes that it isn’t Hayan but still goes along with it and tells her to drink his blood. He then proceeds to tell her, that if it makes her happy he is willing to die. I know these interactions aren’t real but it is still a feast for the eyes of the romance-deprived readers.

Is there romance in Unholy Blood?
ⓒ Lina Im /Jeonghyeon Kim/ WEBTOON

Chapter 48: Guys! This chapter contains their first blushing moment. They see an old couple being very close. Then they start talking about their future and Euntae says: “I’d like to show you the world as it should be”. Euntae tries to explain but ends up leaving with a red face. Hayan is pretty startled as well and tells herself: “There’s no way the detective would think that way about me.”

Is there romance in Unholy Blood?
ⓒ Lina Im /Jeonghyeon Kim/ WEBTOON Entertainment Inc.

Chapter 51: Yohan shows up and after Hayan faints he carries her back to the small inn. Euntae gets angry but then tells himself: “It’s not like Hayan and I are in a relationship”, and of course his thought process ends with a “Let’s give up”. He still questions Yohan and the discussion ends up getting pretty intense – with Hayan between them.

Chapter 57: While Hayan was passed out Euntae didn’t leave her side and fed her the medicine she needed – the old lady at the inn tells her that and Hayan blushes. After Hayan wakes up she walks to a small river with Euntae and he tells her to rely on him more. This whole chapter has many bonding moments. Go check it out: Unholy Blood Chapter 57.

Chapter 59: Euntae pretends that Hayan is his girlfriend in front of two strangers and calls her babe. Hayan is pretty startled and blushes pretty often.

Chapter 60: In this chapter, they have to convince the enemy that they are in a relationship. Hayan does so very enthusiastically.

Hayan x Euntae
ⓒ Lina Im /Jeonghyeon Kim/ WEBTOON

Chapter 63: They go to an abandoned church but because it’s dark they start to light up the candles that are on the floor. After they realize that they are standing in a big heart out of candles they both clumsily try to put the lights out. This chapter has many other moments that I didn’t mention, so check it out: Unholy Blood Episode 63.

Chapter 64: Euntae grabs Hayans hand and tells her that he wants to show her how to fight properly in order for her not to get hurt. They then start training together. At the end of the chapter, Hayan offers him to drink his blood, because she realizes that Euntaes condition is worsening.

Chapter 66: Euntae chooses not to drink her blood, but they hug and stay pretty close. Check it out for yourself: Unholy Blood Episode 66.

So is there Romance in Unholy Blood? I think we can agree, that there is. I hope you liked my little assortment of romantic moments in Unholy Blood. If you like that article style let me know and I will write more of them in the future. I will also update this article after about 30 more chapters.

Disclaimer: I don’t own these pictures, they are for review and overview purposes only. Please contact me, if you want me to take them down.

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